Sunday, 2 February 2014

I've had a COLD!:(

Hi guys,

the last week wasn't really easy for me - as I've had an EXTREMELY runny nose and a HUGE cold!:( Which caused - that my nose turned red and bleeded a bit too ('cause the skin was soooo dry after I've "blow" more than 45 packs of tissues!).

That shouldn't be a "sorry, that I've not written a few more posts!":) BUT I've really not had the mood to write some blogposts this week!

BUT as I'm finally healthy (oh you don't know - how much I'm happy about that:))  - I though to write some lines before I'll go to bed and end this "illness" week:) and of course to show you - what I've ate and taken to make it even more better!:)

Tissues, tissues ..... and after more than 45 packs of tissues and about 30 "grease" with Bepanthen nose gel/lotion , Panadol, Fentrinol Nose Drops - I've finally lose the bad cold!:) 

And I've drunk a LOT of fresh squeezed orange juice:

And of course:

"After Illness" Makeup Look:

Today my nose is almost 100% recovered - so I've applied just concealer, translucent powder and one of my fav' Labello - Pink Guava flavor/scent and here's the result!:)

So and that was all for today:) - Wish you a lovely night!


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