Sunday, 9 February 2014

#6 Valentines Day - The PERFECT ONE!

Hi guys:),

my final post about the "VD" (Valentines Day:)) is here and I'll show you what the perfect one means to me - that's a personal thing to me - as you know what I'm mean?!:) 

The great scene of Lloyd Dobler with the GIANT Boombox:):

I pretty much adore the scenes in old good 80s teen/love movies like for example: Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack - my fav' hollywood actor EVER!:)) stays with a Super Giant Boombox and THAT's guys - what each Girl (like me:)) LOVES!:) or what about Rory's and Dean's first meeting (Gilmore Girls - If you don't know what I mean all the time:)):

Here some of the best movie love "Kisses" scenes:

Oh or what about the "traditional" leg pop while givin' your 1st kiss EVER to a boy?! - I'm pretty the kind a like "leg pop lover"!:) Oh or what about chocolate dipped fresh strawberries while talkin' about different "highly important" topics:)! Or what about just watchin' with your dream man a great movie at your own home and listening to some great love songs - while playin' some board games and eatin' some red chocolates in a heart shaped form:)?:

I pretty much adore lovely vintage style postcards - they always gives a kind of individual and "highly worth" meaning for you or your dream man/girl!:):

Alli Simpson (Youtube Channel, Official Site) says/shows us in her musicvideo/song "Notice Me" - how complicated the 1st Love/Meeting can become - and at the end the "Serendipity" will show you whether you'll be noticed by your own "Dream Boy/Man"!- But it's worth to fight for a "Notice Me"!:):

And last but not least this vid' about letting go the past and movin' forward - shows us all Singles:)! THAT the future brings you and me a better time and the best of your whole life! Or what about this one FUNNY vid'?:):

So no matter whether you're this year a single or not - If you're one - you'll find probably in the next time - maybe week, month or in a few months or in a year YOUR OWN big love - which will change your life! and if you're in LOVE with someone - you'll take in the next time maybe bigger steps, movin' together, marry each other or even split again (NO! That must not happen!:)) or some new exciting things will happen.

You should see Valentines Day as a great festive day like Easter, Christmas or something else special - BUT of course NOT to dramatical - "what will happen if I don't spend the time with my Boyfriend? - What if I don't meet the Man of my Life?! Oh will I stay FOREVER as a Single?!" - NO!

Cher & Josh (Clueless) shows us another example - how love can happen:

.... and it finally happen - TO ALL Of Us!:)

That's NOT the reason why we celebrate or should see the 14th of February - it's a day which could create awesome and romantical memories or it's a day - which will be really important in the future for you too - DON'T see it too bad!

I hope you're all well and wish you a nice end of this weekend and a brilliant beginnin' into the next week!


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