Thursday, 2 January 2014

ZOO at the 1st January

Hi guys:),

now as 2014 is finally here - we are makin' decisions and plans for this year already (or e.g. I'm makin' already some:)), we've enjoyed our free time at home with family and friends and I've went today with my sis', nephew Luca and Mum on a trip to the nearest super small but really lovely ZOO!:)

One of the "homes"/compounds of the animals:)

After arrival - there where soooo many animal sounds and other scents - it's always a pleasure to escape other creatures on earth!:)

Oh these cute South American coatis are funny to see:):

He was cute and made a "pose-kinda-like" for me:)

Zebra, Wild pig and a cute deer family!:

One of the first african/safari animals we've saw in the small zoo was this cute Zebra! These eyes were soooo beautiful!:)

A wild pig isn't the cutest and the most beautiful creature on earth - but it's individual and has an own beauty! This one enjoys the first "early-spring" sunshine:)!

Oh well - these cute creatures reminds me on my childhood - when I've lifed with my mum near a forest, where I've feed and visited almost each day a deer called "Hansi":) as there was a deer park!

Me in front of the deer fam':):

This very special shooting star (a Meerkat:)) catch my eye! - And it pose for me as well!:) :

Isn't this little creature cute?!:)

And here's the whole Meerkat family/flat share:

Goats, Goats, Goats - Goats are EVERYWHERE!:

This cute brown/white goat was sooo sweet and nice to stroke!:)
This little one hasn't time for hugging & stroke:)
Hey billy goat let's escape the adventure road:)! (THAT's just a joke:))

This little fluffy and baby goat should have the name "Sparkle Snow":)!
Goats and Billy Goats has funny teeths - looks always like they would like to smile on you!

My nephew Luca (almost 20 months old:)) has enjoyed the trip to the zoo!:

Hey ho - Little gangster in the zoo, let's make it unsafely with your beanie (it belongs to my brother-in-law:)):

There were also cute bunnies - oh you don't know, that I was born in the 90s durin' the easter season soooo bunnies definitely belong to my personality:)!:

This little red brown bunny reminds me strong on the easter bunny - which I saw as a kid behind our garden (THAT'S NOT A JOKE - I think it belonged to a neighbor or it was a wild bunny too!:))

And this one just had enjoyed the first warm sunny moments in this year:)

This Anodorhynchus/blue macaw reminds me strong on summer holidays:

Birds, birds and again birds:):

Look - what beautiful eyes an ostrich has!:

Me sittin' on a bench/seat inside the zoo:

Coat ZARA / Scarf (vintage) / Short ankle pants H&M / Ankle Boots Clark's

This donkey was soooooooooooooo cute and a bit crazy too!:):

I wish you all a nice evening and have a great weekend at all!:)


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