Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Hi guys,

another amazing, exciting and really changing year (2013:)) is now over and we welcome 2014 - maybe you're now watchin' TV, readin' a book or wait for your next tube at the nearest train station or even for a bus to escape another corners of this wonderful earth - we all own:)!

One of the great firework 2014 moments:)!:

Oh I'm in a VERY good mood and thinkin' that this year 2014 will be even more better!:) As I've not really special wishes for this year - just wanna to see more beautiful places on earth and finally step with both feet nearer to my life wish!:) - As each of us have one dream and life wish - which is bigger than anything else! - Let's see whether and when it will come true this year?!:)

Me on our sofa - how I can "pose":):

 C&A navy blue - washed off optic jumper with a golden Star decor (one of my christmas gifts:)), C&A golden sequined skirt (vintage), H&M tights

Glitter & sequins everywhere!:
Hopefully you've celebrated and danced a lot last night as I've (not as much as you maybe though or not I don't know - what you were thinkin' - PLEASE excuse my confusing writing today BUT I've just had 6 hour sleep after a VERY LONG night:)) I've made also some delicious bread spreads like Guacamole and Shrimps Spread. And I've not really put much effort into my "New Years Eve" Makeup/look - as I wanted to stay simple and natural:)!

My "New Years Eve" makeup/look:

This makeup stays ALL DAY LONG!:) and it doesn't matter - whether you're at work/school or on a shopping trip before the festive and party at night starts - you'll look gorgeous 24h long!:)

Max Factor Concealer, Max Factor Whipped Creme, Max Factor Pastell Compact Powder (Pastell, Translucent), a pink shade lipstick (non-brand used:)) and some lip balm before applying some lipstick/gloss etc.!

The whole night we've also watched many concerts on TV after we've enjoyed some mixed fruit juices like Guava Juice (hey man! - that tastes sooooooooooo delicious:)) and our cute little tiny winy mini breads:)!

Shrimp Spread:

What you'll need:

1 pack of shrimp (like here or here), 1 organic fresh lemon or lime (organic - 'cause you'll need the peel too and that shouldn't contain ANY chemicals!), 1 dash of white pepper, 1 dash of sea salt, 1 small cup of plain low fat yoghurt, lemon/lime juice
 How to make it:

1. Remove the shrimp of their packagin' and revome the salty/water where the shrimp where preserved/conserved!
2. Cut the shrimp fine in small pieces and put it into a middle-large plastic/glass/porcelain bowl.
3. Add the lemon/lime peel & juice, dash of pepper, dash of salt & the plain low fat yoghurt.
4. Blend it well together and enjoy it on your small tiny white/wholemeal/spelt baguette.

My Chunky Guacamole Spread:

What you'll need: 

2-3 fresh and ripe avocados, 10-15 fresh tiny small cocktail tomatoes, 1/2 half red onion, 1 dash of white pepper, 1 dash of sea salt, 1 small teaspoon of Tabasco's Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce, 1-2 tablespoons of lime juice

 How to make it:

1. Remove the peel of the fresh and ripe avocado and put it into a bowl.
2. Add the lime juice, dash of pepper, dash of salt and the small teaspoon of Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce .
3. Cut the small tiny cocktail tomatoes in four pieces, cut the half red onion really fine and add it to the avocado spread.
4. Blend it well together and enjoy it on your small tiny white/wholemeal/spelt baguette.

Our New Years Eve "different bread zone":):

We also had cheese and ham breads for all - who don't eat sea food or avocado:):

Bohemia Sekt Demi-Sec (a wonderful traditional sparkling wine bottle with a hint of lux' and classic chic and a delicious sparkle taste as well as a bit fruity!:)):

For younger ones and of course for someone like myself - who don't really wanna drink something alcoholic - this non-alcoholic rose sparkling wine by Söhnlein Brillant is fantastic in taste with a fruit undertone and mild sparklin' taste!:):

Here the Söhnlein Brillant rose sparkling non-alcoholic wine & Bohemia Sekt Demi-Sec:

Left Söhnlein Brillant right Bohemia Sekt Demi-Sec

After we've clink glasses with a good traditional Bohemia Sekt Demi-Sec we've enjoyed the firework and I've made these lovely pic's outside my home:

My own Cover of "Auld Lang Syne":

And of course I would like to THANK YOU! for following and reading my blog or watchin'/listenin' to my vid's on my own Youtube Channel "TheBeachCrush"!:)

Have a wonderful, full-filled and positive year 2014!


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