Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My inner beauty "MAKEUP"

Hi guys:),

recently I've found out (oh well I've needed a little bit longer to see it:)) - that no matter, which style (outfit/fashion, look/makeup, mood) I've - it's TOTALLY me - and that's normal!:) You DON'T and NEEDN'T to be like anyone else - it's more about how to life and fullfill yourself with your own.

(I JUST need an eyeliner to feel myself a bit gorgeous - BUT without makeup it's o.k. too - or?!)

BUT please DON'T think - that I'm a bit in love with myself NO! I just wanna to say, that we all have special (lovely) parts on our body - whether it's the eye, the mouth, the nose or the hands - no one is perfect and we should see JUST the beautyful parts of ourselfs - instead of thinking "here I would like to be a bit smaller/thicker - I would need a correction/surgery or a 100% another person"!

That's the reason - why I'm talking about that sensitive chapter (for some of you maybe:)) - as I've had a hard time too in my teenage time - I was bullying at school (during the 4th and 7th class) BUT this time is absolutely over!:)

Drink a cup of tea/coffee or anything else and the world is even more better!:):

I've learned - that I'm a special person like everyone else on earth and THAT I alone can "rule" my own life -with working on my goal(s) and go forward/along! I also find out - which strong person I'm inside of me! - YES I've got a "gift" - if you can call it so:)

I learned to appraise a stranger (no matter if it's a new colleague, "friend" or just another person:)) - whether he/she means it honestly or play dirty/crooked! - Which is a truly gift for me - my further life!

Create this nice "Strong Board" picture - which you can put in your fav' frame (I would prefer a white shabby chic one!) and put it on one of your wall!:

So instead of thinking about the hard times - which I truly had durin' this school days - I've learned what the time has learned me and WHAT I've changed to become that what I'm know:

A happy, creative (which I was before too:)) and self confident (just need sometimes to climb up my mood:)) young lady - I know what I want to achieve, to built up and what it's really important to me and my future - NOT TO WAIST my time with absurd and negative people, mood and thinking about how it would be - if I wouldn't be bullying at school - would I have more friends?

NO! I'm thankful and happy about that experience (not while I was there at school, but after I've complete it and think about it) - which makes me even more stronger, more meditative (about other strangers - before I tell them something about my private life!:)) and it learned me - "I'm SOMEONE - SOMEONE who can change SOMETHING here on earth!"

"Dance Your Pain Away" by Agnetha Fältskog is a great helper - for "little self confident":

This one is for all of you - who don't believe in Love or are scared about don't fall in love with somebody - who would love you? Is there someone - who find you special and wanna spend each minute with you? - YES!:):

 "Somewhere there's a Someone" by Dean Martin:

And for all who feel soooo sad about a broken partnership/first love - DON'T let it go too deep! I've though to write about this deep and hurtful & huge emotional period of life (which all of us get to know well - get an experience - the one sooner the one later) a song and sang/recorded it by myself -  just WITHOUT music/instrumental part - as I'm not playing any instrument really - just used my voice!:).

"Let It Be Yesterday" by NIKA Bittner:

(I want be too nerved BUT if you like my own song - I would be thankful about a thumb up on my channel!:))

I hope, that I've not bored yourself BUT this is a chapter - which was always important for me to talk (or write about it here on my blog) about and to show you - that no matter if you're or were a nerd, a bullying person at school, a "looser" or even someone who has got a LOT of friends BUT felt just unimportant and without self confident - you can change your own - your yourself!


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