Saturday, 25 January 2014


Hi everyone!:),

I've been recently doin' a LOT of organisation (for my vacation:)) and of course doin' a LOT of work! So I though - as I've not shared as much time with my mum the last time, that I could invite her to my fav' frozen "yogu" as I would call it:) and gorgeous place called "Monkee's" - which was opened in August 2012:

The shop and very cool place called "Monkee's" - which is in the centre of Linz/Upper Austria (where I've grown up - YES I'm a Czech Native BUT born and grown up in Linz - Austria - BUT travel through different countries as I LOVE to escape the whole world!:)) 

The open lace & "choosing topping bar":

They have a HUGE variety of different toppings for your small (which I always order:))/medium/large plain frozen yoghurt like: fresh fruits (strawberries, pineapples and kiwi fruit are ALWAYS available!), sweets and different nuts:

 ....And THAT's my own "Frojo" fav'! (with fresh strawberries & rasp coconut):


Mum's "Frojo" fav' (fresh strawberries, pineapple and  rasp coconut - oh it's my 2nd fav' too!:)):

The location is soooo great - as you're just few steps away from the centre of Linz and the atmosphere/flair inside Monkee's is comfy, with a modern touch BUT individual and really - you've another feelin' like if you wouldn't be in Linz BUT somewhere else!:)

Inside the great "Monkee's Wall" and have you seen their poster - which has taken a LONG way before the poster has find finally a place on the wall at Monkee's!:):

And here it is - the true:

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I enjoyed this afternoon and hope you've got such a lovely start into a brand new weekend too!:) 

 ....Oh it was delicious!:)

Oh if you would like to visit Monkee's or need some more inspirations and informations - please feel free to visit them on:

Wish you all the best for the next week!



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