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Hatzel Gingerbread "Lebkuchen"

Hi guys,

christmas is and celebrating the New Years Eve is totally over BUT the cold weather is still here in January 2014 (even if the sun is shining more and more:)) and as I've received durin' the christmas holidays a nice package of handmade and traditional Gingerbreads (called Lebkuchen in german spoken countries:)) by Hatzel Lebkuchen!:

Package has included:

1 pack of Hatzel Lebkuchen Konfekt Dark (Gingerbread Confection), 1 pack of dark Hatzel Elisenlebkuchen (3pieces), 1 pack of whole milk chocolate/dark chocolate Hatzel Elisenlebkuchen (3pieces) and one 6 piece pack of Hatzel Elisenlebkuchen (whole milk choc', dark chocolate and plain sugar gingerbread with almonds on the top:)) and their very special and own Hatzel Lebkuchen metall tin for storage the handmade gingerbread delicate treats!:) 

HERE you can visit their very own and special Hatzel Lebkuchen Shop!

A pic' collage of the sweet delicate handmade gingerbreads by Hatzel Lebkuchen:

Their own Hatzel Lebkuchen history:

"Our grandfather, master confectioner Lorenz Hatzel, founded the company in 1928. He opened a confectionery with an adjoined cafĂ© in Ludwig Street in Selb. At the time he was already manufacturing Elisen-Lebkuchen, using his own recipe and genuine handcraft only. His son Martin Hatzel, also a master confectioner, took over the company and later handed it down to his two sons Christian Hatzel and Michael Hatzel, both master confectioners. Since the year of origin we have been living and working in the beautiful Fichtel mountains. This is where we have been handcrafting our Elisen-Lebkuchen for three generations. We are still using Lorenz Hatzel’s original recipe and his old hand operated machine which unites the dough with the wafer." (via Hatzel Lebkuchen Webpage under their History)

The original and traditional method of using traditional tools like: cooper kettles, whisks, cooking spoons, rolling pins, dough scrapers, other tools are used for decades - to allow to bake and create this special gingerbread delicates!

The Hatzel Elisen-Lebkuchen Confection is made with the same ingredients like the original Hatzel Elisen-Lebkuchen - they are just cut in 4 pieces to create a delicate and lovely mouth-size to enjoy durin' the whole festive christmas season or durin' all year long!:)

The secret of Hatzel's Elisen-Lebkuchen or Spiced-Gingerbreads:

"Our handmade Elisen-Lebkuchen are so outstanding because we only use the finest ingredients and we have an intuition for the perfect composition. More than a third of this composition consists of sun-ripened hazelnuts and almonds, mixed with exquisite Far Eastern spices, delicious candied lemon and orange peel, finest marzipan, and only a small amount of flour. We consciously refrain from using any preservatives or artificial flavouring.  All of the above is what makes our Elisen-Lebkuchen unforgettable once you have tasted it." (via Hatzel Lebkuchen History)

The vid' about their special handmade gingerbread treats:

What are the ingredients of Hatzel's Elisen-Lebkuchen/Spiced Gingerbreads (via the packaging):

Nuts (almonds, hazelnut), sugar, marzipan, egg whites, zitronat, orangeat, wheat flour, baking agent, ammoniumcabonat, oblates, spices, sugar icing, chocolate (plain min. 38% of cocoa or dark chocolate), without any preservatives or flavor
Here are some further pic's of Hatzel's plain sugar coated Elisen-Lebkuchen with Almonds on the top!:

My own opinion about the Hatzel Elisen-Lebkuchen/Spiced-Gingerbread:

They are really fresh, soft and have a nut and fruity undertone. Really a delicious and good quality piece of gingerbread and a delicate and yummy treat durin' cold days to make the day even more better!:)

Just would appreciate more nuts inside - BUT that's just my own opinion - as I'm a real nut lover:)

 My own opinion about the Hatzel Elisen-Lebkuchen/Spiced Gingerbread Confection:

Fresh and soft as well as like the Hatzel Elisen-Lebkuchen mentioned above and the mouth-size is a good alternative for someone - who needs to calculate and measure the sweets durin' the day or for an afternoon-tea / tea party as well it would be a great change to enjoy the full and fresh taste of Hatzel Lebkuchen/gingerbreads!:)
For more informations please feel free to visit their own website: Hatzel Lebkuchen or their own shop called: Shop Hatzel Lebkuchen or here (on their own website) are all cooperations they've made with: HERE

I hope you've enjoyed this post about a further delicate handmade sweet tooth treat (as I LOVE gingerbreads durin' christmas/winter and early spring season as well!:))

Wish you a nice start into the 1st weekend in 2014!


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