Tuesday, 21 January 2014

#4 Valentines Day A SPECIAL MOMENT

Hi guys:),

another comfy and cozy weekend in January ends and I'm listening ALL day long to songs like: "Dream Lover" by Bobby Darin, "Three Coins In The Fountain" by The Four Aces, "Hey Paula" by Paul Anka or "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" by The Platters - which are vintage/classic rock'n roll and just the perfect 50s love songs for this valentines day 2014 too!:)

I know, that I'm NOT the first or single one - who like bright pigmented and pastel pink clothes and fashion items as well as jewelry!:) And in this post I'll show you some nice new places - where you could find the perfect gift for each girl and of course for each man (boyfriend:)) too!

Let me start with ICHI Main Spring 2014 Collection:

(Photo Credits: ICHI.biz)

The fresh and pastel shades with modern light style are perfect for welcome spring 2014!:) I LOVE the light rose dress and of course the rose/curry yellow ombre jumper - just gorgeous!!!!

For more informations please feel free to visit ICHI on:

Assouline has a HUGE range and collection of different picture/art books - which are ALL WORTH to have in the own book board/wand board BUT here I would like to show you my fav's - EVEN better than a rose on valentines day!:

1. In the Spirit of Palm Beach by Pamela Fiori:

(Photo Credits: Assouline.com)
(160 pages, 150 illustrations, hardcover with jacket) 
Price: $45.00

2. In the Spirit of the Hamptons by Kelly Killoren Bensimon (Text) and Pamela Fiori (Foreword):

(Photo Credits: Assouline.com)
(160 pages, 230 illustrations, hardcover with jacket) 
Price: $45.00

3. In the Spirit of Beverly Hills by Nancie Clare:

(Photo Credits: Assouline.com)
(208 pages, 180 illustrations, hardcover with jacket)  
Price: $45.00

4. In the Spirit of St. Barths by Pamela Fiori:

(Photo Credits: Assouline.com)
(144 pages, 80 illustrations, hardcover with jacket)  
Price: $45.00

 For more information - feel free to visit Assouline on: 

Oh also LOVE their book called "American Beauty" - which is a totally inspiration flood for myself!:):

And last but not least for this "short" post about some special gift ideas for this valentines day:) - here's a special one - JUST make a pic'/photo outside of the beautiful sky (like I've made last Sunday:)) and....

....Hope you've liked my 4th Valentines Day gift ideas and see you soon!


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