Tuesday, 14 January 2014

#3 Valentines Day ESPRIT & JOOP

Hi guys,

we've had a great weekend and start into a brandnew week (hopefully:)) and now as there's the time to write about some ideas and advices to spend the best Valentines Day for Beloved and Singles EVER!:) I've though to write today about the new ESPRIT   Time &Jewel and  JOOP jewel line!


(Photo Credits: BBPR, ESPRIT AT)

These rose-golden/golden watches are the best result of high-quality work and cute "romantical" design!:) I also find, that the bracelet is a perfect accessoire - if you're wearing one of these watches to a comfy shirt and jeans too!:)


(Photo Credits: BBPR, ESPRIT AT)

For all of you - who loves special jewelry and of course rose-gold ranges:) This brandnew jewel-collection by Esprit will stop you to breath for a second - as the beautiful details and cute heart design seems to be just perfect for Valentines Day 2014!:)

For more information please visit :

 3. JOOP Jewel:

(Photo Credits: BBPR, JOOP)

As I LOVE butterflies in any kind and design - these necklace climbs up my mood and the scarf is a great accessoire to your daily outfit/weekend trip to the nearest park or coffee to enjoy beautiful hours with your darlin' or with your best friend!:)

For more information please visit:

Which one would be your fav' one? Let me know - what you've got the last Valentines Day or what you're wishing this year?!:)

Bye & a lovely day!

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