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#2 Valentines Day 2014 at LUSH (EVENT)

Hi guys,

on friday was another pretty good and amazing day!:) I've been invited to a further LUSH Event in Vienna - where I've saw and tried out some of their latest Limited Edition Valentines Day products & of course I've enjoyed the friendly and comfy atmosphere of other beauty or lifestyle bloggers as I'm:)

So where I should start - oh, let me show you the "night light" Stephansdom and some (christmas?!) street light decoration:

Before I've arrived at LUSH - I've visited one of my fav' places on earth (NO! That's "just a joke":)) called Starbucks and bought myself a middle size/ cup of Vanille Spice Latte - as I'm normally a tea drinker - this cup was a great alternative to coffee (which I hate!):

After this lovely stay at Starbucks - I've taken the road to LUSH and seen the first impressions of this really comfy & joyful blogger event!:) (Comfy - 'cause we've been just a really small blogger group - BUT some of them I've knew from the last LUSH event too:)!)

These cupcakes and sweet tarts, cookies were sooooo gorgeous to see (unfortunately after my middle-sized coffee and as it was a bit later the whole event - I've not sooo much appetite to taste on of them) and some juices & sparkling wine :

This special Valentines-Day blogger-event was made just two days before selling the Limited Edition LUSH Valentines Day products (as it starts from Monday the 13th January 2014!).

The big red Valentines Day table before the surprise behind the huge amount of scarfs/cloths:

Suddenly the first product - shower gel "Prince Charming" appeared:

(Laura from PR LUSH was soooo nice and she's made a great Event together with the 2nd PR LUSH Girl:))

"It's like the "teenage" necklace with an heart you can open with a special key and inside there is a surprise - a photo or like in this LUSH massive heart Love Locket bathbomb a second small one!:)":

See the magic inside and outside the water:

Price: € 11.95

It's truly like a love necklace - as you've to open the Love Locket bath bomb to air the surprise!:) Just break the heart in two pieces (like if you would have an heartsickness:() and escape the hide little small cute heart in the middle of the Love Locket bath bomb. The outside "skin" of the two broken heart pieces have tiny small paper hearts with shimmer inside - which makes the whole bath time even more better and the small heart inside has tiny jelly-hearts (made off Agar Agar Powder) 

The scent is a bit stronger, than I though but not tooo strong and has a fruit-sweet touch. Made of fine essential oils with fairtrade vanilla absolute, neroli oil and jasmine absolute. It's adaptable for 2-3 baths and it's absolutely Vegan!:)

Oh what a lovely bunch of "flowies":)

"The Kiss" - another great product, and maybe my fav' of the whole L.E. LUSH Valentines Day collection:

Price: € 9.95

The Kiss is a tinted lip balm, which contains moisturizing fair trade shea-/cupuaçubutter as well as a small portion of their yummy organic agave syrup - which isn't just sweet BUT makes your lips even more sweeter as they are naturally!:) It also contains shimmer and powder of guarana seeds, which have a natural lip boost/pout effect. Fruity organic tangerine and almond oil will give an extra portion of great mood and will make every kiss even more unforgettable! Absolutely Vegan.

Close To You & Tender Is The Night Body Massage Bars:

Close To You Body Butter Massage Bar:
Price: €8.95

"Close To You" is my fav' of the two Body Massage Butter Bars by LUSH!:) As it has a lovely cotton candy  (or like I would say - it's the same scent like pink bubble gums, which I've got a lot durin' my childhood or like you'll smell on fun fair/fairs!:)) The origin at LUSH comes in the style of the british JammieDodgers butter cookies - which have a fruity jam filling. "Close To You" Body Massage Butter has a creamy heart in the middle as well as JammieDodgers:) and it's a kind of rich "Body Protection and Pampering Cookie" with a delicious sweet scent of (bubble gums like I would say:)) and vanilla!:)

Tender Is The Night Body Butter Massage Bar:
 Price: € 10.95

"Tender Is The Night" isn't really my flavor/scent - as it's more spicy (yea I like spicy things BUT it's another kind of "spicyness" if you know what I mean?!:)) Anyway - this body butter massage bar by LUSH seems to be loved by many other LUSH buyers, as it was available last year too and it's now with a brand new design from Valentines Day time and also after all-time available in each LUSH boutique store/online store! As it contains shea-/murumuru butter - without cacao butter!, BUT contains as well jasmine-/ylang ylang  oils and absolutes as fair trade vanilla and it's vegan too!:)

And to avoid "greasy" body butters/massage bars use one of their metal tins: 
oval € 3.95 here, normal tin € 3.95 here

Neon Love Soap:

Price: € 7.25/100g

This hand/body soap smells soooo fruity a bit spicy and contains just natural ingredients like e.g.: bergamot-/rosewood-/cinnamon leaf oil! But as well as fresh fruity fig, passion fruit and soy yoghurt will make your skin even more soft and will nourish it!:) Inside of the massive and giant "Love" soap are a huge amount of small white plain hearts, which are cute and romantical and contains the same beloved scent!:)

Here's "The Cut Of The Giant Heart":):

My "selfie":):

A totally great packaging was choosen for the three limited edition Valentines Day LUSH gift sets - Toucan Love (€ 18. 95), Neon Love (€ 30.95) and Lots of Love (€ 44.95):

What's inside of the three L.E. LUSH Gift Sets?:


From Left to Right:
Toucan Love  - this packaging was inspired by Tom Cruise's Hawaiian shirts in the legendary 80s movie "Cocktail" (1980)
Neon Love - Great 4 - pieces gift set - which makes each romantical moment even more better (my personal opinion: it's also a bit like the crazy colorful 80s!:))
Lots of Love - the perfect gift pack for the best Valentines Day EVER! Guys, you'll not be sad about any LUSH product inside!:)

Some last impressions of the whole LUSH store in Vienna:

(One of the really nice PR Girls has talked with me about this and that and of course about their Vanillary Gorilla Perfume with REAL fairtrade vanilla!:) for a while)

I've seen a few bloggers, which I've know from my last visit to LUSH Fun Event (here) and was happy to see: Barbara&Lena from Wien Mitte, Petra from Kirschblüte and Sarah from her relatively new blog Sara Kothera - I was pretty happy to find someone there - who likes the kind of "lifestyle" and hobbies & blogging themes like I:)!

So well, that's ALL I've to say about this special Limited Edition Valentines Day Blogger Event in Vienna made/create by LUSH (THANK YOU AGAIN, that I've got the chance to take part of this special evening!:))

For more informations feel free to visit: LUSH

Wish you all a wonderful sunday afternoon and here's one of my fav' songs of this weekend:

"Dream A Little Dream" Robbie Williams:

I know it's Christmas is TOTALLY far away - BUT who cares it's  a TOTAL fantastic &  a kind of art song!


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