Saturday, 11 January 2014

#1 Valentinesday by Madeleine

Hi guys,

as it's NOT really a long time and February will be there (woops- the new year starts no more than a day ago?!:)) - we ALL no matter whether we are in love or just singles (it's pretty lovely to be a single sometimes - or not?!) want to be a bit more beautiful on the 14th of February or not?! - Ok I've used a bit toooo much "?!" in the first sentence!:)

But anyway, the next time until the 14th of February I'll post, show and write you a bit about some interesting ideas (beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc.) and inform you about the brands used in the different posts!

(Photo Credits: Madeleine, BBPR)

So let's start with an online boutique/shop called Madeleine (Online Shop), which is a clothes brand for female of each age-group! O.K. maybe NOT  for teenies (I'm sorry my reader/follower - if you're under 18 - BUT be sure I'll write about some more brands in the next time:)).

Madeleine has a huge amount of different sizes and of course you've a large selection of different shoe-sizes - great for each body type and shoe type as well!:)

You'll find the perfect piece for yourself in normal/short/long sizes!:)
Here's the size chart/table of Madeleine:

Normal Size:
34 - 48
Short Size:
17 - 24
Long Size:
68 - 96

 My own size would be the normal size: 34 (bust size 79-82, waist size 65-68, hip size 88-91) or sometimes 36 (bust size 83-87, waist size 69-72, hip size 92-96) it depends on how the jeans/pants are really cut:)!

My true measurements are:
Bust size: 87 cm / 34.25 inch, Waist size 67 cm / 26.37 inch, Hip Size 87 cm / 34.25 inch

The style is a mixture of modern, classic chic and sometimes "light" conservative! A really good shop - where you'll find the perfect go out night-dress, afternoon tea dress or all kind of evening wear, of course you'll be perfect dressed for work or private college and of course for a weekend trip to somewhere you'll find a nice fashion piece for your travel backpack/luggage!:)

This Valentinesday Madeleine has created and choosen some really sweet and lovely pieces for their collection called "Be My Valentine!" & SS 2014 Collection:

1. Pretty rose pink costume/coat & skirt:

(Photo Credits: Madeleine, BBPR)
Costume (€ 349.90)
2. Bracelets:

(Photo Credits: Madeleine, BBPR)
Bracelet (€ 199.90), Bracelet (€ 79.90)

 3. "Pink Spring Love" Shirt & Pants:

(Photo Credits: Madeleine, BBPR)
Shirt (€ 99.90), "M" Jeans Pants (€ 79.90)

4. "Red Kiss" Blouse Shirt & Jeans Pants & Shoes:

(Photo Credits: Madeleine, BBPR)
Tencel Pants (€ 99.90) , Blouse (€ 79.90), Leather Shoes

And for the end I'll show you a beautiful song by Michael Buble "Close Your Eyes" - one of the best latest love/valentines day songs!:):

For more information please feel free and visit Madeleine!:)

Wish you all a great weekend!


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