Sunday, 5 January 2014


Hi guys:),

that's my first post called "SUNDAY & CO." - as I though that my further Sunday posts could have an individual "name" (YES I'm sometimes without an idea for a great headline for weekend and especially for sunday posts!:)). 

I've washed my hair with one of the latest NIVEA shampoo's "diamon volume"* and I must say, that the scent of this shampoo/hair care product is fresh and gives you a kind of "Wow - I'm feelin' more active!" feeling!:)

Fresh washed hair and a great feelin'!:):

After I've washed my face - I've used my new alverde Naturkosmetik Beauty& Fruity 3in1 facial foam Lime & Apple, which should clear gently and carefully, remove waterproof makeup/eyemakeup and it has a tonic effect too. 

It reminds me on the hand foam, which one of our family friend have as I was a kid':) The delicous fruity apple scent also reminds me a bit on the Children Apple Shampoo, which excist durin' my childhood in each Yves Rocher store (Yves Rocher Pomme d'Api) too! (oh memories:))

Washing, washing, ....:

I'm pretty happy, that I've bought this bottle at the nearest drugstore to give it a try as it has cleared and tone my skin pretty much and gently - it's NOT the "gentliest" to my eye-area (BUT as I've a SUPER sensitive eye area - it's gently to each other of you - I'm sure!:)) and the scent and foam texture - JUST fabulous!:)

Before & After:

Oh and after these two "cleaning procedures":) I've enjoyed a good small jar of no-sugar apple sauce! YUUUUUMY!:)

My currently fav' sunday song is "Two Fingers"  by Jake Bugg:

What are you thinking? - Should I make such "Sunday&Co." posts each sunday or just one per month?!

Feel free and let me know in the comment section below!

Have a great sunday & bye,

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