Saturday, 20 December 2014


Hi guys,

travelling can be VERY stressful - especially if you're on the road for more about 23h (like I'll be tomorrow!) - therefore it's pretty useful to have a special aroma roll-on with you to make your trip even more comfy and nice.

During my last Wholefoods Market shopping in Kensington High Street - I've found as well a roll-on herbal oil stick called simply "Travel" by Tisserand Aromatherapy.

This one is NOT too herbal (like the typical herbal roll on sticks you maybe know so well like me - I don't like them!) however I pretty much enjoy applying it on my hands, behind ears or on my neck (you can also use it on your shoulders, back, wrists, legs or feet.


Like you see "Travel" roll-on contains essential oils like: jojoba/grapefruit/bergamot mint or peppermint - which creates a refreshing and calm feeling during your trip!;)

Did you've ever used one of Tisserand Aromatherapy roll-ons or what are your long trip tips/advices and products - which makes the whole travel experience even more comfortable and nice (as I'm quite often on the road - I'd appreciate and would be 100% glad as well as interested to know about your tips/ideas/advices!;)).


SUNSET AT BRIGHTON BEACH (20th December '14)

Hi guys,

last day in Brighton (before I'll wake up at 12pm! to catch my bus at 1:40am on 21st Dec. '15 - which will be the Sunday) - as I'll visit my fam' in Austria and spend Christmas there as well I'll be durin' the 26/27th of December '14 until the 3th January '15 in Prague - so a LOT of miles on bus/car;)

I've been today on a nice walk to Brighton Marina (I really love to walk the way long the beach - especially if the weather is calm and fine) and it was such a lovely Sunset while I've been on my way back to my current hotel accommodation (Nineteen Brighton - the BEST stay while visiting/start in Brighton!;)).

Brighton has really a LOT of  beautiful places to stay/escape/photograph/etc. and as well you'll see and get soooo many magical moments there - like this sunset! Can't wait to spend here more time after New Year and to finally find me own "four walls" and life my dream;)


Bourjois Paris - Delice de Poudre Bronzer/Highlighter Duo

Hi guys,

currently as mentioned in my previous post I'm using quite often Bourjois Paris makeup products and I've though a long time ago, if I would start to use this brand I'd like to share with you my absolutely fav' one (which I've always wanted to try out on myself or which catch my eye!;)):

The Bourjois Paris Delice de Poudre Bronzer/Illuminator (shade 55) is perfect for porcelain/light ivory skin types like me (oh gosh I get soooo pale durin' the last couple of weeks!;)) and this one actually has not just a bronzer as well a light pearl shimmer illuminating powder - so you'll get 2 in 1 palette - which is great for your wallet as well for travelling;)!


Hand Swatch:

The scent of this bronzer/illuminator is VERY sweet and reminds me really on a white choc' (which I normally don't like for eatin' BUT just imagine to have a powder, which doesn't smells like powder but like some sweet - OMG;)!).

What's your fav' bronzer/illuminating product from Bourjois Paris?!;)


Bourjois Paris - SMOKY STORIES (02 Over Rose)

Hi guys,

the last time I'm using a lot of Bourjois products - which is due to the easy available in the UK;) I mean you get Bourjois makeup on each corner and sometimes you get 2 for 3 or other discounts;)!

Well this Smoky Stories eyeshadow palette in the shade: 02 Over Rose is a nude rose palette - which suits perfectly each blue/brown eyes and it's not too dark and not too light - great for day/night makeup.

Hand Swatch:

Flawless Look:

(from my Instagram account - HERE)

I really appreciate the high pigmentation, soft nude shades - which will creates a very soft almost non-visible eye makeup look or a light shimmer one durin' the day - great for makeup beginner as well!;)

Which are your fav' Bourjois Paris products and did you've tried any of the Smoky Stories eyeshadow palettes out yet?!


Sunday, 14 December 2014


Hi guys,

in my last post about Covent Garden - I've shown you some of my best photos from this beautiful part of London and in this post I'll especially show you the well known Covent Garden Market Hall (read History on their own page - HERE) - which is not just a historical building but as well a magical place to stay for a while durin' your London trip!;)

(More pic's on my Instagram: HERE)

Paddington bear was there as well;)

It's worth to visit Covent Garden Market - to escape lots of nice boutiques, fresh bakery stuff like: Mince Pies durin' Christmas time or warm veggie soups as well;)!



Hi guys,

some days ago I've been again in London (for an audition;)) and as well I've escaped the beautiful district of Covent Garden!;):

There are soooo many modern and old victorian houses - which all have such nice fancy wooden white window frames and gorgeous pup signs ;)!

How did you like Covent Garden - I'm absolutely impressed;)!