Sunday, 1 December 2013


Hi guys,

as it's not long away - Christmas is right behind the door and not far away!:) And so I though to show you my fav' pre-/christmas bath treatments/pampering things - which I love and which are TOTALLY my fav's for this winter season 2013!:)

1. Alvarez Gomez Madrid Bath Collection (Travel Size - post about it HERE):

I just LOVE this traditional spanish (Alvarez Gomez) spice and herbal scent is great to enjoy in your own bath tub (shower gel) and apply their "Agua de Coloniabody lotion/creme after a long enough bath, which creates a soft skin and a beautiful fresh citrus and herbal scent on your whole body area! I just love that - it's NOT only for the summer season but good for the pre-christmas stressful time too!:)

2. Yves Rocher Limited Edition Collection Cacao range "Cacao & Raspberry" Shower Gel:

The chocolate scent with the raspberry note reminds me high on the Lind't Excellence Raspberry Intense Chocolate Bar! It's a great choco scent for the christmas season 2013 and I LOVE to sniff the scent each time while I'm taking a bath with this shower gel!:)

3. Lactacyd Intimate Shower Gel/Liquid Soap (Plus & Girl):

This isn't really a christmas or month fav' I'm using it each month and so I though as I'm making a bath treatment fav' post I should mentioned my all year long fav'/beloved intimate care treatments too! As each of us young and older ladies should care about yourself and your one body pretty well to feel better and more satisfied with yourself!:) And as I've really sensitive skin - this intimate liquid soap/treatments are really skin friendly/gently to the skin and of course they've a lovely powdery and really soft natural scent!:)

This Soft Creme/Body-Facial Treatment by Nivea is still used by myself as a REALLY good and moisturizing foot and elbow cream/treatment - as it's creating a really soft skin (like the name says:)) and I pretty much like to apply it on my foot skin to protect and care about them with an extra moisture!:)


Look! How it's "fluffy" and soft in texture:

And as I've been listening to a LOT of christmas/winter song the last days at home - as well as in my bathroom (via my beloved Apple IPAD 2:)) Here are two of the latest christmas songs 2013 I'm felt in love with:

Kelly Clarkson "Wrapped in Red"
Leona Lewis Cover of "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday"

I hope you've a great weekend! And see you soon!:)


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