Wednesday, 11 December 2013

M.F.'s Excess Volume Mascara*

Hi guys!:)

I've been fully in Christmas/Pre-Holiday stress - there's sooooo much to do! (Christmas present packing, home decoration, working, baking, inspiring myself for new posts and makeup ideas and singing, working, doing something for myself e.g. taking a bath and listening to christmas music, working .....)

(Photo Credits: Max Factor DE - I don't own it!)

That's a great time to show you the new Max Factor "Excess Volume Mascara" - which has two thick brushes - 1st for makin' the "EXTREME" volume effect and the 2nd brush is for gettin' the thick and huge amount of blackness or black browness!:)

Product Switch/Review:

Commercial vid':

It's great and easy peasy to apply and it LASTS ALL DAY LONG guys! Really, I've been puttin' it on at about 6 a.m. and it lasts on stays on its place until I came home at 6:30 p.m.!

But as I'm not really a mascara kid' I've not seen any special effects or other unusual better things than other mascaras don't have. SORRY guys - but I'm really more satisfied with my eye lines and eyeshadows and as my eye brows are naturally long and a bit curl/wavy (I really don't know how to spell it out in a corrective way:)) I've never felt/cared sooo much about mascaras and there special eye effects!:)

My result:

You see, that it's not snotty/clumpy or oily at all! It gives you the needed volume and a "fill" natural eye brow look!:)

"Christmas Evening" Makeup Look:

That's the perfect makeup look for the 24th or 25th or even pre-christmas shopping! As it has a vintage twist with a glamour touch in it!:)

I hope you've enjoyed my Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara Review a bit funny and wish you all a great week!


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