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Luvos Facial Masks*

Hi guys:),

I've been in stressful times the last weeks (work, work,work,work, dream, inspiration hunt etc.) and so I've used and tried out a LOT of (for me new:)) facial "nighty" treatments like this two masks (Soft-Peeling and Moisturizing) by Luvos!:

1. Luvos Soft Peeling Facial Maks with peach kernel oil:

As Luvos says, it softly peels off your dead and dry facial skin and of course it should clear through cell your whole facial skin and gives a nice, soft and regular/symmetric finish!:)

My face with the peeling mask by Luvos:

My skin feels more soft than before, BUT I've not really felt to get a "peeling effect" - If you know, what I mean?! The mask has a creamy textrue (really similar to the Moisturizing Mask!) and it's thicker than other facial masks I've ever tried before (like e.g. Schaebens Masks) It's really fast to clean off your face with low warm water and it gives the whole facial skin REALLY a soft and clean finish - but sorry, I can't tell you whether it cleans and erase skin imperfections or other bad skin factors like a pimple:) as I'm definitely out (how lucky I'm:)) of this "teenage-skin-problem-zone"! But trust me, I've my days where my T-Zone begans to get worse or return (in stressful or other bad life times!) 

So the point of my story about the "Soft Peeling Facial Mask with peach kernel oil" by Luvos is, that it cleans (like other facial mask would do the same:)) your skin - it becomes more soft and feels fresher than before, BUT the peel-effect isn't really visible and noticeable!

I would give this facial mask 2 stars from 5 stars!

2. Luvos Moisturizing Mask with Almond Oil (├ľkotest "Really Well" March 2011):

Before (wearing mask) after (fresh washed-off face):

This facial Mask really moisturize your skin - I mean after I've applied and left it on my whole facial skin area and washed off (after 10min. of "wearing":)) I've recognized how soft and moisturized my skin after a long workin' day and dehydrated skin period it was!:) I pretty much loved the neutral scent of it  (as it contains just almost natural/organic ingredients like: minerals and micro elements from healing earth, almond oil and other good stuff for your face:)) and it left it for more than 1 day more moisturized! - oh sure, I've used my daily skin treatments/creams as well as the moisture from the mask left my whole facial area more cared and pampered!

I would give this facial mask 4 stars from 5 stars!

How to use this two facial masks? (as it's the same direction - I've though to describe it after reviewing both masks - as to write it twice would be just a bit crazy:)!):

Apply it all-over your face, neck, decollete/cleavage. NOTE: Avoid the eye- and mouth area! After ca. 10-15 min. wash off your mask with low warm water and some facial cotton pads/soft towel! (you can remove it with a soft massage too:)!) After the whole facial mask is removed - the facial skin should be pampered with a daily facial fluid/treatment (like the one from Luvos)

How many applications are possible/What's the amount of one facial mask pack?:

Luvos Creme-Masks comes in 2-pack sachets (2 x 7,5ml) and are normally for 2 applications BUT I though that one sachet could also be used for 2 applications (if you avoid the neck and cleavage area too!) Just close the sachet with a clothespin/peg to avoid to get bad or anti-bacterial!

What's the price for one 2-pack sachet of Luvos's facial mask?:

The price is between 1.29 and 1.49€ depends on where you buy it (online or your nearest drugstore/chemist's/pharmacy)

Let me know, whether you've tried out one of Luvos facial creme or powder masks in the past or would like to try out some in the next time!


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