Thursday, 5 December 2013


Hi guys:),

it's almost 4 days ago, when I've visited the christmas market this year at first!:) Lovely christmas sounds, cute festive mugs with Santa Claus, old wooden cabins with different handmade treasures and a lot of lights, scents like: sweet almonds, cashews etc. and punch (I prefer non-alc apple punch with fresh cut apples and an orange slice:)) and of course gingerbread (Lebkuchen) figures!:)

 Lovely ligthen christmas motive lights:

Look! The magical lighten up sky:):

The bright shinin' children christmas carousel:

Christmas Markets are all magical and a special place to stay for a while with your friends, family and people, which you've not seen a longer time!:)

My first apple punch this year at our fav' wood cottage cabin:

Santa's Little Helper:):

The wooden cabin with old glass snow globes and handcrafted wooden winter decorations:

"The old train drives you to the north pole! Small Peter says, and the Santa Clause will bring you a small present, which you won't forget the next days. As the spirit of the holly night, will bring in each of our heart a big bright shinnin' light!" (I've tried to create a short poem!:))

I LOVE snow globes as they are a kind of childhood-memory for myself - I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH!:)

These wooden candle light holder with different hand cut christmas styled "windows" are a magical decoration for each room of your home sweet home!:)

I've shoot for me and this blog some "christmas spirit" pic's of myself:):

Sweet handmade marzipan chocolate sticks and other treasures:

Christmas carousel and wooden handmade Bethlehem:

 Hand painted christmas tree ornaments and wooden gifts:
Lighten up stars are everywhere:

I hope you've a wonderful start into this christmas pre-time/advent time and wish you all a great end of this week and a great weekend too!:)


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