Sunday, 17 November 2013

This and That

Hi guys,

I've REALLY tried to focus on this lovely place -where I put a lot of Energy as well as in Music/Singing (oh I'm sure you already know my Youtube Channel:)) but as I've also another job/work - it wasn't exactly a huge time to make different posts for you - my bloggin' friends this week!:) I was exactly to busy - SORRY!

As the temperature has changed dramatically (YES there's a chillin'/freezy blowin' and sometimes deep grey day in some parts of Europe now:)!) I've tried many new beauty and body care products and some of them I would like to show you in the next posts as well as my latest YC Candle!:)

First of all I've been for a walk through our local small cute park - which is now full with late fall/autumn colorful leaves and it has exactly an other atmosphere than one month before!:)

Me "posing" at the lovely big tree:):

I've been wearin' my latest and almost loved brand new winter coat for 2013! Which I've bought at one of my fav' clothes place - ZARA (here) it costs 129.00€! But it's worth to get it as it's great to wear this comfy and pretty designed classic short coat with golden buttons!

Me at the "talkin' circle" as I would call it:):

I've been also wearin' my new bordeaux red headband/bandeau - with the cute knitted detail/design - oh I absolutely adore it! + it protects my ears:):

After I went home - I've tried to change something and make my bedroom a bit "comfier" and "cozier":

I've my growin' decorative Calamondine (a type of citrus), my pastel pink wall transforms to a comfy atmosphere after switch on my good old table lamp from from IKEA. Which stands on my wall shelf, which is also from IKEA (here) and an old white british taxi, HP "The Knight Purple Bus" and my black stone turtle (which I got from my brother-in-law) as well as my white framed "Possitive Words" collage - which I've made by myself - to remember myself ALWAYS THAT EVERY DREAM IS POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE!:)

My beloved christmas deco snow globe from Marks And Spencer (bought in 2011 I think:)) I've decorated my bed "front head" with LED lights, which I've found in our christmas decoration/lights in our storage room:) And of course my beloved Marilyn Monroe Book - which is always on top of my reading list before I went to bed:)!
Hope you've enjoyed my post about my latest news and late autumn/fall inspirations!:)

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