Sunday, 24 November 2013


Hi guys,

I've saw on Celine's blog "Vintage Teapot", that she has made this Tag kind of post and I really feel to make it too:) (with the same questions and just my own answers:)!)

Celine really selected/pick out the best questions from both Tags ( "Sweather Weather" and a "Winter" Tag) and I'll try now to answer each question for me and for you:)!

Favorite candle scent (at the moment)?
Hmhhhh.... at the moment it's Yankee Candle "Season of Peace"* (*PR-Sample) a great white colored candle, which has a fresh and sweet scent - a perfect combination for pre-christmas days and weeks. As it reminds me on a walk through the fresh snowed park roads. 
Fav' Hot Drink - Tea, Coffee or Hot Choco?

I REALLY CAN'T CHOOSE between the three types of yummy drinks - here we go:

From left to right:

Nestle Chai Latte (a great & "budget" friendly alternative to other coffee shop lattes and chai teas!:)), my fav' hot choco/Breakfast chocolate by El Barco Delice, Vitana's punch/PunĨ spices tealeave for perfect fruit and non-/alcoholic christmas/winter punch drinks!

What are your top 3 Winter Essentials?

Tea (autumn/christmas limited flavors, each type of fruit and black tea and green tea with cranberries or pineapple), a good book/magazine/online blogs and lip balm in different scents! - I care my bold lip each time and everywhere!:)

My christmas scarf:
Hats Or Scarfs?

Definitely a warm comfy pompon (fake fur) knitted hat or my red beret! As the cold "wintery" breezy air isn't really comfortable for my head and hair:)! Scarf - I've my lovely handmade (by my mum:)!) natural creme white with lovely cute trees on the ends BUT it's for a really cold and snowy time and I'm not really a fan of scarfs or other sweaters/jumpers with neck "warmers" - I really hate them BUT my lovely handmade scarf as mentioned below will always be something special for me:)! - And I'm wearin' it each year during the extreme cold time - I know I'm a big kid'!:)
Fav' winter song/album?

Oh I've today found this amazing song about what Christmas and luck means really - "Follow Your Star" by Michael Ashworth (who wrote and sang it for his mom Shirley Ann Ashworth) - It's truly heartwarming and goes deep inside your heart!:):

I also pretty much like the christmas song by Lucie Vondrackova "Vanocni Strom" (Christmas Tree).

And my fav' christmas album will stay forever since I was a little child Elvis Album "If Everyday Was Like Christmas" and the first title with the same name "If Everyday Was Like Christmas" is my fav' song/track on thhe CD.

What's your fav' parf of winter?

The day after it has snowed it's always a great winter snow and plain white landscape - it's almost quiet as the snow (it's like a natural/organic cotton ball, which eliminates each type of noise!) turns each place into a magical white coat and the air is soooo fresh and cleaned up each time - that you can almost think, that the time will stand still! That's what I like and love at most durin' the cold and freezy winter/christmas seasons! And of course the 24th of December:)!

Wish you a great new week!


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