Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tchibo #1 "Fashion-Jewels"*

Hi guys,

as it's gettin' colder and colder outside (we are sittin' by the open fire - no just jokin':)) I've though to show you one of my fav' comfy and cozy jumpers/over sized sweaters from the Tchibo "Fashion-Jewels" Collection for the cold winter/christmas season 2013!

It's the fine cord polo neck oversize jumper:

(High amount of meriono- pure new wool, big polo neck with ripp-optics, side rip/placket, overlapping shoulder area.)


Pure Wool, Cotton Wool


Light Grey-Mixture/Blend

Sizes available (I've S):


Footage/total length:

ca. 75cm

Price/How much cost this lovely jumper?:

29.95€ (NOTE: It's ONLY available till26th of November 2013!)

Here you can see the original print pic' of this comfy and cozy warm fashion "Jewel" jumper:

(Photo Credit: EDUSCHO (Austria) GmbH)

My own opinion about the quality and wearin' feeling:

I'm thinking, that this jumper is REALLY soft, warm enough for a good cold winter day and evening and it's pretty to wear - if you like oversize jumpers/sweaters like I do sometimes:)! Oh I just would prefer more color like pastel pink, pale blue or royal blue/burgundy red too:)

Grey is perfectly to combinate with other colors - so a good allrounder for each life situation!

If you would like to know more information about the Tchibo "Fashion Jewels" collection - feel free to visit:

I hope you've liked this post a bit:) And let me know in your comments - whether I should make more fashion posts or not?:)


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