Monday, 4 November 2013


Hi guys,

christmas isn't too far now & I've been thinkin' already about different gifts/wishes etc. - that could be too stressful and fast!:) So what about a little and short relaxin'/pamperin' evening/afternoon at your own home-spa?!

I've been searchin' for the best pampering beauty/body care christmas gifts of 2013!

 (Photo Credits: Creme De La Mer - I don't own each of them!)
From left to right:

The Luminous Essentials Collection (here) - £260.00, The Nourishing Collection (here) - £200.00, The Limited Edition Hand Treatment (here) - £35.00, The Lip Balm (here) - £42.00, The Supreme Creme (here) - £1300.00

I really like the lux' packagin' and the nice bottle design of each Creme De La Mer pamperin' products!:) The hand cream sound sooo great for my bit dry hands:)

(Photo Credits: Liz Earle UK - I don't own each of them!)

From left to right:

Christmas Star with Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (here) £5.50, Christmas Skincare Essentials Gift (here) £43.00, Christmas Star with Strengthening Nail Colour (here) £7.50, Cleanse & Polish Beauty Subscription (here) £177.00, Christmas Star with Signature Lip Colour Hibiscus (here) £14.00, The Ultimate Christmas Hamper (here) £199.50

Liz Earle has create gorgeous natural facial care/makeup gifts for this festive christmas season 2013 for each type of budget!:) The nail polishes are havin' a great packagin' and pigmentation and of course the well known and traditional Cleanser is a must-have!

(Photo Credits: Origins - I don't own each of them!)

From let to right:

Scents to Go (here) £20.00, Morning to Midnight (here) £40.00, Souffle Trio (here) £30.00, Hand Lotion Trio (here) £22.00, Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balms Set (here) £30.00, Warm Up scented Candle (here) £24.00

I've always loved how Origins has create natural inspired and well designed daily facial creams and lip moisturizers! Well the latest christmas pamperin' treasures are the best result of their work!:)

(Photo Credits: Caudalie Paris - I don't own each of them!)

From left to right:

Divine Oil Gift Set (here) £27.00, Hand Cream Trio Gift Set (here) £12.00, Perfect Skin Offer (here) £34.24, Make Summer last longer offer (here) £66.00, Limited Edition Winter Moisture Kit (here) £12.00, Fleur de Vigne Candle (here) £49.90

Caudalie Paris has an incredible collection/sortiment of different facial/body care ranges for all skin types and they are all made with the lux' and gorgeous pamperin' feelin'! I'm addict to their lovely packagin' and scents!:)

What's your fav' christmas pamperin' gifts/ideas for 2013? Let me know that in your comments and I wish you all a lovely brand new (November) week!


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