Friday, 22 November 2013

LUSHicious Christmas Pampering

Hi guys:),

I've recently received this cute LUSH catalogue - with their all christmas gift and packagings for this winter/christmas 2013 and some samples:)

(Photo Credits: LUSH - I don't own each of them!)

Here I would just like to let you know, that LUSH has created maybe the BEST EVER Christmas Lip Scrub called "Santa's Lip Scrub" - which is a Sugar Scrub with a scent of the good old Coca Cola!

 How it's made vid' (from their own LUSH Channel).

For the daily morning and night facial cleaning time I've tried out their "Let The Goot Times Roll" fresh cleanser for the face and body. Which definitely suits perfectly to this winter cold season well!:) A hint of cinnamon and a spice scent filled the air (around my nose:)) after I've applied it on my face and peel'/scrub is gently into the skin before washing off with a gently warm water!:)- The skin feels more softer and has an extra care:)

Two little samples of LUSH's "Ponche" and "Snow Fairy" shower gels are now at my shower tape to try them out - as I've already used "Ponche" shower gel last year (here my older post) - and I really like the warm and spice scent! I'm more surprised about "Snow Fairy" - which seems to have a bubblegum scent!:)

And last but not least the "Shoot for the Stars" Bath Bomb - which is a pretty colorful bath bomb (yes I've used bath bomb twice in a sentence - and I don't care:)) I'll let you know in the next times how it turns out in my tub!:)

How did you find these christmas limited body/facial care products by LUSH? Or did you've tried them out until yet too?:)

Wish you a great day!


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