Wednesday, 6 November 2013

L'Oreal Eau De Teint*

Hi guys,

last week I've got this ABSOLUTE makeup inovation by L'Oreal called "Eau De Teint" - which is lighter than any other makeup/foundation products and you ONLY need 1-2 fingertips of this light dream for your whole face!:)


The product:

As I've a really light (durin' wintertime porcelain/fair skin) skin - the shade: 120 Pure Ivory matches pretty well. But I need 2-3 fingertips of the "Eau De Teint" to cover some imperfections on my facial skin right now:) 

My bare/nude face without "Eau De Teint":

With "Eau De Teint" alone:

With "Eau De Teint" and my eyebrow routine + facial powder:

My eyebrow routine (using eyebrow gel in Taupe for dark/natural blonde eyebrow hair!:)):

Complette "Natural/Bare" makeup look with L'Oreals "Eau De Teint" foundation:

Oh I've used for the natural/nude makeup look one of my fav' alltime (old/vintage) Alverde eyeshadow palette in "37 chocolate":

I would say, that this brandnew makeup product will suits perfectly each type of skin (if it's not too oily!:)) 

BUT if you've pretty dark eye circles or other annoying imperfections like: pimples etc., you should know, that this light and new kind/revolution of makeup/foundation doesn't cover it at all. It gives just a light sheer and smooth facial result without cover up well!

How to apply/use the new L'Oreal "Eau De Teint" revolution:

Use THIS official L'Oreal UK "Eau De Teint" instruction vid'!

I hope you've enjoyed this post about L'Oreals new makeup/foundation innovation and hope you're all well!


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