Friday, 1 November 2013


Hi guys,

I've TOTALLY forgotten to tell you one of my latest "DIY" experiences in my whole life - I've tried and cut my own hair! After I've watched Arden Rose's (she's one of my fav' beauty/lifestlye youtuber since almost one and half year!:)) "I Cut My Own Hair?!" vid':

I've decided to save my little money and cut my own hair - especially the ends (for split reasons:)) - Otherwise, if I would like to change my hair dramatically or make a new hair style I would go to my fav' prof' hair dresser salon - BUT to cut the hair ends isn't really soooo difficult like I've thought at the first moment I've saw Arden's vid'.

The next day after I've watched her vid' about cutting her hair by her own.
These are my fresh cut "died" hair on the towel/floor:

I've spent some money in good sharp Cerena Solingen scissors, which I've bought in one of the near hairdresser stores (as I'm of the opinion THAT just really sharp and for hair used scissors are the best one!) and tried my best to get a smooth and straight cut!:)


After - please recommend, that after washing my hair (they were still wet and that my wavy/curly hair aren't for that reason visible - as I've straighten them to make it easier to cut!):

And I think for the first try I've done a good job - or not?

Wish you all a lovely friday evening!

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