Friday, 1 November 2013

Bye Bye Halloween 2013

Hi guys,

last night it was in some places all over the world scary, funny and everywhere you could see lighten up pumpkins, trick or treat bowls filled with different kind of yummy sweets and "scary" costumed children - who were on the hunt for the sweet things! But also Hollywood and other Celebrities like top models, musicians/singers where celebrating an halloween party and show everyone their own well suit and styled halloween robe of 2013 (and the best from 2012 too:))!

(Photo Credits: Google - I don't own each of them!)

From left up to right down:

Heidi Klum as old lady/grandma, Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward as Daria and Jane's MTV animated cult show (2012), Lauren Conrad as tooth fairy, Lea Michelle as German beer maid, Neil Patrick Harris as Alice in Wonderland , John Stamos as red devil

My halloween 2013 influenced snacks & food:

I've tried out a halloween limited edition blood-orange/pumpkin juice/nectar, cute pumpkin ice cream bars, pumpkin shape/designed marzipan/chocolate mousse cake. For trick-or-treat little monsters:) I've grab in our local supermarket a pack of mini Kit-Kat's and some Mentos (in different flavours).

Our pumpkin cake:

Trick-Or-Treat 2013 sweet tooth stuff:

Lovely & cute pumpkin flavored/shaped ice cream bars:
As I've not attended a halloween party (as I've been workin' all day long:)) I decided to make a great comfy spooky/scary halloween themed movie night. Where I've watched movies like HERE.

 And I've also watched some childhood memory & new-escaped halloween stories/cartoons like:

How you've spent the 31th of October 2013? Did you've visited a halloween-themed party or did you've watched some movies like I:)?

Wish you a great weekend!


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