Wednesday, 2 October 2013

NEW IN: Canon PowerShot N

Hi guys:),

I've got such a wonderful day, first of all my work ends up earlier than I though:), I've got the chance to spend my time to relax and to work on my next plans/projects etc. AND I've finally got a brand new tech' thing for my bloggin' and youtubin' space - the Canon PowerShot N!!!!:)

As you can see in this intro-vid' - it's especially good for bloggers/youtubers:

Oh I'm proud to review this magical and lovely little white thing, which will help me the next time to create more beautiful memories and photographic art for my blog and as well I'll make more vid's for my youtube channel too!

Here's the view of the unpackagin' of the lovely PowerShot N!:

(I pretty much like the packagin' box - as the front has a nice "Insta-Shoot-A-Like" photos with different shades! Oh and it's a small box - great to storage!)

I'm ALWAYS up for new interesting helpful bloggin' and youtube tips and things like this AWESOME cam' from Canon to help me to create better posts, videos and photos for YOU!:)

As a blogger I've learned so many until now and I'm glad each day and proud how I get different opportunities like: making reviews with samples, creating guest posts, tags and other exciting cooperations like this special one! I've NEVER though it would come so fast after just 1 and half year to get the opportunity to try out and use one such high-end and high-quality cam' from the House of Canon!

But blogging doesn't mean JUST to get freebies, samples and other free stuff - NO!

You as a blogger, need to:

1. LOVE your blog and inspire yourself on other blogs and networks
2. WRITE about each topic you love and each one, which fits perfectly with your blog
3. NEVER thing about getting something without work!
4. PUT ALL YOUR ENERGY into each post, photos and video you make - as ONLY +100% is GOOD ENOUGH! (well or maybe, it's just important for me:))

5. DON'T FORGET TO BE POLITE, GLAD and OPEN for bloggin' friends and partners, be happy about an invitation to an event or a bloggin' group and as I've mentioned in point 1 LOVE your blog & work behind! - As it's a part of you and you must love (in a healthy way:)) and acceppt YOURSELF to reach more in your life!

THINK POSSITIVE and your world will change!:)

Now turn back to my Canon PowerShot N - here are my first shoots from my fav' Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush/Rouge in the shade: 220 Classic Rose:

(1. Automatic View/Normal, 2. Fish Eye Effect View)

(Monochrome/Black - White View)

I'm soooo excited to create nice photos and fix/storage all travel adventures/treasures with the lense of PowerShot N!

For more informations please feel free to visit Canon's official website:

Here's my fav' week song, which I've listened the last three or four days almost 10 times!

When by Kalin Twins (Rockabilly sound:)):

Hope you've got such a lovely and surprising day as I've got and wish you all a lovely night or late evening!


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