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recently I've REALLY found out, that I'm a MASSIVE chew' (-short version for chewing:)) gum "chewer"! It's not since one month or few weeks NO! it's since my childhood! It doesn't happened, that a fresh pack of chew' gums last for two-three days or a whole week it last until 1 DAY!

Wrigley's "Juicy Fruit" is one of my all-time fav' BUT there was a time (during age of 6 to 13 years) where I've hate the taste and now I really like it:)

Oh and I also like Wrigley's "Doublemint" BUT my ALLTIME-FAV' is and will stay "BigRed", which I've first tried out when I was 5 years old I think and it was sent by air-mail from my grandpa - who lived in Arizona - oh well, it's one of my childhood sweet/candy memory flavour!:)

My opinion is that the 80s/90s packaging was prettier and has got a better design & the flavour last longer than today!

It's really an obsession and I don't know, it helps me in different things: a great inspiration wave for new lyrics, blog posts and day-dreams:), during my way to work, travelling and stay at home watchin' tv, search/read at the "World Wide Web" and even if life's too boring to be true!:)

The last week I've also tried out some US-imported chew' gums, which I've got from Mum (THANK YOU!:)), which she has bought at "The Candy Store" while she was visiting some of our family members in Prague! The Candy Store has an online store too!

Trident gums are worth to try out! as I've tried them while I was in NY and Spain (flavours: Mint Flavor, Strawberry Citrus, Spearmint, Peppermint, White Peppermint, Splash Pucker Me Berry, Splash Strawberry Lime, Peppermint Swirl, Strawberry Twist, Cinnamon, Original, Spearmint, Tropical Twist) And now I've got Trident's Watermelon Twist - a summer/fresh juicy flavor - I really like it as I LOVE watermelons! and Wild Blueberry Twist - which is a nice berry flavor and great for the fall season too!:)

Here you can finally see my last "Gobstoppers":) - I can't say, whether I'll rebuy it:

Wonka's "Gobstopper" are a kind of chew' gum BUT in a candy mix kind - as after you've put one Gobstopper in your mouth it will change the colour 2-3 times and than finally turn into a chewy chew' gum kind! - Not really my taste but a nice alternative too:)

Some of my fav' chew' gums I like to chew ALL DAY LONG:)!

Extra's Dessert Delights (Mint Chocolate Chip, Winterfresh, Strawberry Shortcake), Altoids (Cinnamon), Black Jack, Beemans Chewing Gum, Clove Chewing Gum, Orbit (Apple Mint, Cinnamint, Maui Melon Mint), Ferrara's Fruit Stripe Gum , Chiclets (Peppermint, Fruit), Trident (Layers -Strawberry + Tangy Citrus, Cinnamon), Mentos (Fruit 3D Strawberry-Apple-Raspberry), Choward's (Scented Gum, Mint/Gum Mix), Chicza (Cinnamon, Wild Mint)

Which is or are your fav' chew' gum(s)? Do you've such an obsession as I've too?:) I'm really happy about each comment you'll post!


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