Sunday, 6 October 2013


Hi guys,

just a short post about my today's fall/autumn outfit, which I called "Hot Fall Outfit" - oh and I really like such clothes during the warm autumn days. (which we in fact don't have sooo many here in the cold part of Europe:)) As I'm a kind of "short-pant-girl" (oh NO! that sounds a bit strange:)) - I really prefer shorts instead of midi-pants! I've tried to make a good combination with a cozy over-size shirt from ZARA and my Clarks boots with a classic red/cherry beret (perfect for the christmas/winter season too!).

Without red beret:
With red beret:

And that's my face (without makeup/au natural + bold/with makeup) with wearing my new lovely red beret:

How did you find my outfit? Would you wear such a combination during fall/autumn too?

Hope you've got a nice chill comfy sunday and may ALL your plans for the next week come true!:)


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