Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hi guys,

I've recently tried out different creams for my REALLY sensitive and dry hands! And believe it or not - it's NOT soooo easy to find the right one for me!

So after a long product testing time I've found out that the good old Sudocrem is the best friend for my dry and red irritated hand skin period! As it's usually used for irritated baby skin it's a kind of sensitive cream formula BUT not a hand cream/treatment, which you can use more than 5 times per day!
(Photo Credit: Sudocrem - I don't own it!)

Sometimes I've not (luckily) red irritation on my hand skin BUT they are sensitive and dry on some parts (most between my fingers) and so I need a cream, which gives me the needed moisture and protect it to avoid more dryness or other non-comfy skin feelings - if you know what I'm mean/would like to say?:)

(Photo: sebamed 5% Urea hand cream for dry skin, Florena handcream with sea buckthorn and lemon verbena, Neutrogena hand cream with Original Scent)

And for that part I'm sooo happy, that I've tryed out the new sebamed hand cream with 5% Urea for dry skin! - It's super hydrating/moisturizing and it has a soft/light fresh scent (as I dislike non-perfumed handcreams at all:)) and it makes my hand skin more soft and protected! I'm also of the opinion that my nails looks more healthy after using it for a short but enough time to see results (time of testing: 1 and half weeks!)

This cream is free of coloring/synthetic dye, paraffin, silicone oil and PEG-combination! It's a light BUT longterm protecting oil-in-water emulsion texture and will contract fast into your dry hand skin. 

As it also contains: olive/avocado oil and a lipid-complexion, which will create a better skin elasticity and protection agains dryness. Bisabolol, which is the active component of chamomile will calm your irritated skin and Panthenol will creates a better skin regeneration too! Urea (carbamide) will creates the needed moisture and will palliates the itch dry hand skin parts!

The last classic hand cream I've been using for years is the good old Neutrogena Hand Cream Original Scent,  which is soooo thick and rich - BUT not oily or greasy at all! It gives you the needed moisture and soft feelin' too BUT after a while of using it (more than 3-4 years) I've found out, that it's also good to use it as a foot cream too (YES I know, that Neutrogena makes a foot treatment too - BUT hey, it's good enough for my feet skin texture!:)) and that I need a bit more moisturizing and protection for my hand skin - each skin changes after a while and now it's used only for foot, elbows or sometimes for hands - NOT durin' the winter/christmas season as it contains really much hydration and that isn't good to apply outside!

So these are my three top hand skin treatment secrets I've been using for a long and short time and would miss them if they wouldn't exist:)!

Now I've also tried out a new Florena hand cream with sea buckthorn and lemon verbena - which has an incredible fresh and vibrant fruity scent (great for summer and for grey autumn days to climp up the mood!) and should moisture your hand skin too! After some trying out my first impression where: Great scent! It has a liquid/"aqua" feelin' after applying on my skin and that's the result - why it gives the needed moisture. BUT after a while, I found that the cream is just a daily hand cream after hand wash and not 100% moisturizing and protection/pampering cream - you know, it's just a hand cream not a really ULTRA great cream but good enough to take care of your hand!

Here's a great vid' how to make your own cuticle/hand balm (I'll probably try it out soon!:)):

Which are your fav' hand treatments?

Wish you a nice day and a great weekend!


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