Monday, 21 October 2013

Front Langbathsee/Langbath Lake

Hi guys,

yesterday (Sunday:)) I was with my mum, sis', my nephew and bro' at the front Langbathsee, which is one of the mountain lakes in Upper Austria.

We've enjoyed the autumn/fall sun and light breeze and I've escaped a further magical place on earth:) Oh it's lovely to make such an autumn walk with the own family!:)

Here you can see some pic's, which I've made of the wonderful mountain front Langbathsee:

I HATE mountains in any kind - as I'm having a kind of phobia/not comfy feeling of high mountains (Batophobie - BUT not for high buildings). The Langbath Lake with the mountains and pretty colored leaves is an other kind of landscape and not a typical mountain view for me - if you know, what I'm meaning?:)

My kind of "Art Pictures" of front Langbathsee:

My pure natural without makeup look (I didn't need to be perfect for a walk:)!):

I've made some artistic "shoot" photos there with my OOTD too!:

From above to below:

Red Beret (), Olive Parka Jacket (old - H&M), Petrol Blouse Shirt (Tchibo), Slim Jeans (Levis), Brown Leather Ankle-Boots (Clark's) and Handbag (old - Oilily)

My fav' album of this day was Bette Midler's "Some People's Lives" and especially her "One More Round" song!:):

Hope you've got such a wonderful autumn inspired sunday as I've had with my family and wish you all the best and good luck for this week!


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