Thursday, 24 October 2013

Ella The Rose

Hi guys,

not really long ago I've received this beautiful and bright colored and designed (organic/eco) dress called "Ella" from nomads clothing - which is in fact a great fashion store and source for all of you - who take care on the environment and want to wear organic and eco fashion, which isn't just plain and non-colored or just boring!

nomads womenswear is bright, pretty designed with flower or other patterns and it has really often some vintage flair:) too! I really like this dress BUT pleeeease DON'T be shocked about the blouse combination! - As this is their smallest size (UK 10) and I need UK 8 or smaller (EU 34-36) and it's too big for me!

The top of the dress is just bright colored and lovely:
Ella Shift Dress - £50.00

I think, that even if I REALLY love and like the whole dress with the shape (which would be normally brilliant - if it would be the right size:)) and a bit shorter end it would be PERFECT for myself - I'll give it to my sis' as a gift as, that will fit her better and I hope she will like it as I do!:)

But let me show you how my result and try to wear it look like - my OOTD (on Wednesday 23.10.13):

Ella Shift Dress (nomads clothing), dark green/petrol blouse (Tchibo), petrol/blue stockings (H&M), boots (Clark's)

There are other beautiful dresses and clothes - just check out nomads clothing HERE!

"He Was Too Good To Me" by Bette Midler is one of my fav' songs at the moment and as it suits to this post so well (just my opinion:)) I though to take the chance and put my own cover below:

Hope you're well and ready to start this new brilliant and bright day!


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