Sunday, 20 October 2013

Crispy Fall Makeup & Fav' Fall Movie Part 1

Hi guys:),

I've been away for some hours/days:) on my blog and I've create LOTS of new ideas and got more inspirations - which I would like to present you here on this lovely "freakin'" blog and just start now!:)

First of all, I've tried to get more ideas - how to create more bright and lovely makeup looks for this autumn/fall 2013 season and here's one of my latest, which I like to call "Crispy Fall" look:

What I've used for that makeup/look?:

1. I've applyed my latest moisturizing day cream for dry skin with 5% Urea by Sebamed and my fav' CC Cream by Max Factor (shade: 50 Natural):

(Apply some of my fav' moisturizing cream, blend in a hazelnut size portion of my fav' CC cream - Sorry for the messy hair style:)!)

Here's a swatch of my Sebamed  moisturizing cream for (very) dry skin with 5% Urea:

What should this rich moisturizing daily facial cream for dry/very dry/sensitive skin types do and effect?:

This acut facial cream by Sebamed should help to calm and protect your (very) dry and sensitive facial skin from dryness, skin pressure, flaking roughness/unevenness! It re-establish your natural skin moisture with 5% Urea due and should fight against dry wrinkles/skin unperfections and creates more skin flexibility/elasticity.

Urea gives you the needed moisture, Panthenol supports the skin regeneration and Centella asiatica (tiger grass) supports the collagen composition/synthesis and improves the elasticity and makes your skin more smooth than before!

And now to the first part of my fav' autumn/fall/harvest movies - which I like to watch after a typical fast and stressfull workin' day or just durin' normal lovely cozy weekends. They are absolutely timeless for me and I love them soooo much:)!

And than I've applied my 100% Pure Eyebrow Gel (Taupe) on my eyebrows, put a hint of Max Factor's Pastell Compact (1 Pastell) on my cheeks and blend it together with one of my fav' rouges by Maybelline (220 Classic Rose). After I've just need a lovely lip shade - I've blend together my fav' of all time Estee Lauder (Pink Sand) with Rimmel's (by Kate 09) and some Bobbi Brown's (Brownie) - Voila - "Crispy Fall" just starts now:)!

I've seen this movie this year first BUT I can remember to seen a short "split" of this fantastic Friday night autumn movie some years ago! I love the vintage (50s) atmosphere they've created sooo well and the fantastic story - great mixture of fantasy/comedy and romantic movie!


2. You've Got Mail (1998):

This is one of the movies I've been watchin' again and again since I was a kid!:) I'm proud to be a 90s kid and to have got the chance to try out such "vintage" notebooks/electronical stuff when I was a small girl too! - It's sometimes REALLY weird how fast the "electronical cyber space" has grown out!

The movie is also one of my fav' 'cause I loove to watch movies with Tom Hanks - as he's one of my fav' Hollywood and well-known/popular male actors ever (after the famous John Cusack!:)) and Meg Ryan is one of my fav' female actors - so a good combination - well?:)

"Best" scenes - from one of the best movies ever:)!: 

The Starbuck's/coffee shop scene with the music backround of the well-known The Cranberries song "Dreams" is one of my fav' in the movie!:

Did you've some fav' autumn/harvest/fall movies too? Or how did you found my "Crispy" fall makeup idea?

Let me know that! I like to receive your own opinions about my posts - as I love to read them and to reply if it's possible:)!


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