Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hi guys,

I've recently tried out different creams for my REALLY sensitive and dry hands! And believe it or not - it's NOT soooo easy to find the right one for me!

So after a long product testing time I've found out that the good old Sudocrem is the best friend for my dry and red irritated hand skin period! As it's usually used for irritated baby skin it's a kind of sensitive cream formula BUT not a hand cream/treatment, which you can use more than 5 times per day!
(Photo Credit: Sudocrem - I don't own it!)

Sometimes I've not (luckily) red irritation on my hand skin BUT they are sensitive and dry on some parts (most between my fingers) and so I need a cream, which gives me the needed moisture and protect it to avoid more dryness or other non-comfy skin feelings - if you know what I'm mean/would like to say?:)

(Photo: sebamed 5% Urea hand cream for dry skin, Florena handcream with sea buckthorn and lemon verbena, Neutrogena hand cream with Original Scent)

And for that part I'm sooo happy, that I've tryed out the new sebamed hand cream with 5% Urea for dry skin! - It's super hydrating/moisturizing and it has a soft/light fresh scent (as I dislike non-perfumed handcreams at all:)) and it makes my hand skin more soft and protected! I'm also of the opinion that my nails looks more healthy after using it for a short but enough time to see results (time of testing: 1 and half weeks!)

This cream is free of coloring/synthetic dye, paraffin, silicone oil and PEG-combination! It's a light BUT longterm protecting oil-in-water emulsion texture and will contract fast into your dry hand skin. 

As it also contains: olive/avocado oil and a lipid-complexion, which will create a better skin elasticity and protection agains dryness. Bisabolol, which is the active component of chamomile will calm your irritated skin and Panthenol will creates a better skin regeneration too! Urea (carbamide) will creates the needed moisture and will palliates the itch dry hand skin parts!

The last classic hand cream I've been using for years is the good old Neutrogena Hand Cream Original Scent,  which is soooo thick and rich - BUT not oily or greasy at all! It gives you the needed moisture and soft feelin' too BUT after a while of using it (more than 3-4 years) I've found out, that it's also good to use it as a foot cream too (YES I know, that Neutrogena makes a foot treatment too - BUT hey, it's good enough for my feet skin texture!:)) and that I need a bit more moisturizing and protection for my hand skin - each skin changes after a while and now it's used only for foot, elbows or sometimes for hands - NOT durin' the winter/christmas season as it contains really much hydration and that isn't good to apply outside!

So these are my three top hand skin treatment secrets I've been using for a long and short time and would miss them if they wouldn't exist:)!

Now I've also tried out a new Florena hand cream with sea buckthorn and lemon verbena - which has an incredible fresh and vibrant fruity scent (great for summer and for grey autumn days to climp up the mood!) and should moisture your hand skin too! After some trying out my first impression where: Great scent! It has a liquid/"aqua" feelin' after applying on my skin and that's the result - why it gives the needed moisture. BUT after a while, I found that the cream is just a daily hand cream after hand wash and not 100% moisturizing and protection/pampering cream - you know, it's just a hand cream not a really ULTRA great cream but good enough to take care of your hand!

Here's a great vid' how to make your own cuticle/hand balm (I'll probably try it out soon!:)):

Which are your fav' hand treatments?

Wish you a nice day and a great weekend!


Saturday, 26 October 2013


Hi guys,

today was another wonderful sunny and shiny day:) I've made some pic's on my saturday walk through my home streets and would like to show you my OOTD:

View at the colorful autumn leaves and trees, park bridge view on the small tiny cute autumn river and leaves:

"Selfy" on my saturday walk through neighborhood:

My OOTD called "Only You" as I'm currently fall in love with the same song "Only You" by The Platters!:

From above to below:

red beret hat (Woolmark), old/vintage parka (H&M - similar here), old/vintage red polka dot "spaghetti" dress (H&M - similar here), petrol stockings (H&M), ankle boots (Clark's), vintage styled sun glasses (SIX Accessoires)

"Only You" The Platters:

"Autumn is now in the middle - winter seems to be here soon. Just let me dream a little and make my wish come true!"

I pretty much like this combination durin' the cold and chill autumn/fall season BUT let me know how you would combine these or similar pieces together!:)

Hope to see you soon here on my blog and wish you all a comfy and lovely weekend!


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Ella The Rose

Hi guys,

not really long ago I've received this beautiful and bright colored and designed (organic/eco) dress called "Ella" from nomads clothing - which is in fact a great fashion store and source for all of you - who take care on the environment and want to wear organic and eco fashion, which isn't just plain and non-colored or just boring!

nomads womenswear is bright, pretty designed with flower or other patterns and it has really often some vintage flair:) too! I really like this dress BUT pleeeease DON'T be shocked about the blouse combination! - As this is their smallest size (UK 10) and I need UK 8 or smaller (EU 34-36) and it's too big for me!

The top of the dress is just bright colored and lovely:
Ella Shift Dress - £50.00

I think, that even if I REALLY love and like the whole dress with the shape (which would be normally brilliant - if it would be the right size:)) and a bit shorter end it would be PERFECT for myself - I'll give it to my sis' as a gift as, that will fit her better and I hope she will like it as I do!:)

But let me show you how my result and try to wear it look like - my OOTD (on Wednesday 23.10.13):

Ella Shift Dress (nomads clothing), dark green/petrol blouse (Tchibo), petrol/blue stockings (H&M), boots (Clark's)

There are other beautiful dresses and clothes - just check out nomads clothing HERE!

"He Was Too Good To Me" by Bette Midler is one of my fav' songs at the moment and as it suits to this post so well (just my opinion:)) I though to take the chance and put my own cover below:

Hope you're well and ready to start this new brilliant and bright day!


Monday, 21 October 2013

Front Langbathsee/Langbath Lake

Hi guys,

yesterday (Sunday:)) I was with my mum, sis', my nephew and bro' at the front Langbathsee, which is one of the mountain lakes in Upper Austria.

We've enjoyed the autumn/fall sun and light breeze and I've escaped a further magical place on earth:) Oh it's lovely to make such an autumn walk with the own family!:)

Here you can see some pic's, which I've made of the wonderful mountain front Langbathsee:

I HATE mountains in any kind - as I'm having a kind of phobia/not comfy feeling of high mountains (Batophobie - BUT not for high buildings). The Langbath Lake with the mountains and pretty colored leaves is an other kind of landscape and not a typical mountain view for me - if you know, what I'm meaning?:)

My kind of "Art Pictures" of front Langbathsee:

My pure natural without makeup look (I didn't need to be perfect for a walk:)!):

I've made some artistic "shoot" photos there with my OOTD too!:

From above to below:

Red Beret (), Olive Parka Jacket (old - H&M), Petrol Blouse Shirt (Tchibo), Slim Jeans (Levis), Brown Leather Ankle-Boots (Clark's) and Handbag (old - Oilily)

My fav' album of this day was Bette Midler's "Some People's Lives" and especially her "One More Round" song!:):

Hope you've got such a wonderful autumn inspired sunday as I've had with my family and wish you all the best and good luck for this week!


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Crispy Fall Makeup & Fav' Fall Movie Part 1

Hi guys:),

I've been away for some hours/days:) on my blog and I've create LOTS of new ideas and got more inspirations - which I would like to present you here on this lovely "freakin'" blog and just start now!:)

First of all, I've tried to get more ideas - how to create more bright and lovely makeup looks for this autumn/fall 2013 season and here's one of my latest, which I like to call "Crispy Fall" look:

What I've used for that makeup/look?:

1. I've applyed my latest moisturizing day cream for dry skin with 5% Urea by Sebamed and my fav' CC Cream by Max Factor (shade: 50 Natural):

(Apply some of my fav' moisturizing cream, blend in a hazelnut size portion of my fav' CC cream - Sorry for the messy hair style:)!)

Here's a swatch of my Sebamed  moisturizing cream for (very) dry skin with 5% Urea:

What should this rich moisturizing daily facial cream for dry/very dry/sensitive skin types do and effect?:

This acut facial cream by Sebamed should help to calm and protect your (very) dry and sensitive facial skin from dryness, skin pressure, flaking roughness/unevenness! It re-establish your natural skin moisture with 5% Urea due and should fight against dry wrinkles/skin unperfections and creates more skin flexibility/elasticity.

Urea gives you the needed moisture, Panthenol supports the skin regeneration and Centella asiatica (tiger grass) supports the collagen composition/synthesis and improves the elasticity and makes your skin more smooth than before!

And now to the first part of my fav' autumn/fall/harvest movies - which I like to watch after a typical fast and stressfull workin' day or just durin' normal lovely cozy weekends. They are absolutely timeless for me and I love them soooo much:)!

And than I've applied my 100% Pure Eyebrow Gel (Taupe) on my eyebrows, put a hint of Max Factor's Pastell Compact (1 Pastell) on my cheeks and blend it together with one of my fav' rouges by Maybelline (220 Classic Rose). After I've just need a lovely lip shade - I've blend together my fav' of all time Estee Lauder (Pink Sand) with Rimmel's (by Kate 09) and some Bobbi Brown's (Brownie) - Voila - "Crispy Fall" just starts now:)!

I've seen this movie this year first BUT I can remember to seen a short "split" of this fantastic Friday night autumn movie some years ago! I love the vintage (50s) atmosphere they've created sooo well and the fantastic story - great mixture of fantasy/comedy and romantic movie!


2. You've Got Mail (1998):

This is one of the movies I've been watchin' again and again since I was a kid!:) I'm proud to be a 90s kid and to have got the chance to try out such "vintage" notebooks/electronical stuff when I was a small girl too! - It's sometimes REALLY weird how fast the "electronical cyber space" has grown out!

The movie is also one of my fav' 'cause I loove to watch movies with Tom Hanks - as he's one of my fav' Hollywood and well-known/popular male actors ever (after the famous John Cusack!:)) and Meg Ryan is one of my fav' female actors - so a good combination - well?:)

"Best" scenes - from one of the best movies ever:)!: 

The Starbuck's/coffee shop scene with the music backround of the well-known The Cranberries song "Dreams" is one of my fav' in the movie!:

Did you've some fav' autumn/harvest/fall movies too? Or how did you found my "Crispy" fall makeup idea?

Let me know that! I like to receive your own opinions about my posts - as I love to read them and to reply if it's possible:)!


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

100% Pure brightening night balm

Hi guys,

almost two week ago I've written/talked about the 100% Pure Natural Cosmetic Brand and now one of my fav' eyebrow gel! (Click HERE to see my first post!) Now I would like to show you the second part: the 100% Pure brightening night balm:
 (Photo Credit: 100% Pure - I don't own it!)

This *brightening night balm is used to brighten up your skin during the night to look more fresh the next mornin':) It's 100% natural (which means without any pesticides and other bad stuff!) and also (for me not really necessary but great for all of you Vegans:)) 100% vegan!

What 100% Pure says about this balm (as seen on the packaging:)):

"Skin Brightening Collection was formulated specifically to enliven dull looking complexion to make it more vibrant, healthy and glowing. Rather than using harsh chemical skin lighteners, this 100% Pure formula gets its brightening effect from all natural, gentle ingredients like bearberry, kojic acid, sake, fruit acids, licorice, vitmain c, lemon juice and strawberries (YUMMY:)). 

This super nourishing balm deeply replenishes your skin and brightens your complexion while you sleep. Truly 100% Pure - never any harsh detergents, chemical preservatives, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or any other toxins!"


Avocado Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin C, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Kojic Acid, Bearberry, Licorice, Cranberry, Pink Grapefruit Oil, Lemon Oil

It brightens while nourishing your skin and it's great for dull looking skin
ABSOLUTELY cruelty free and 100% vegan
How to use this night balm?:

You should use it on your clean facial skin before your goin' to bed and make your own "beauty" sleep:)!

My own opinion and result:

I pretty much like that it's in fact a 100%  natural product - which means that the color and scent isn't sooo rich like in other "chemical" facial skin creams - not a strong lemon scent but recognizeable! And the consistency is a bit strange as it's really rich and thick but after applying on your finger and face it's creamy and not too oily more moisturizing! I like to apply it under the eye to avoid dark circles around the eyes and on my forehead and chin - it really makes a difference after a short using!:) - The amount of small imperfections like: Pimple or other annoying bad stuff will erase:) It also makes a better skin complexion - REALLY!

The consisteny and preview:

(Please appologize - my hand DOESN'T have any pigmentation or it's NOT dirty - the color of this pic is a bit unperfect:)! But the light white and shiny place above on my hand is the 100% Pure brightening night balm)
I would apply it in a really small amount as it contains really thick and oily ingredients like Avocado Oil or Shea Butter so don't apply to huge amounts - unless you've a really dry skin!

As it's a fully natural non-toxic cosmetic product I can understand that the price is a bit pricey with 40€ (1.2 oz/34g)! And it's an us/american product made in Napa California - where the sun is shinin' really!:)

For more informations please visit 100% Pure!

I've also received some nice 100% Pure body lotion/body creams samples:

Which are all the same consistency, with a moisturizing effect and well-pampering! My two fav's are the 100% Pure Coconut nourishing body cream (as I LOVE coconut scent and this one is really the "freshes" and high scented coconut scent I've EVER tried and got in cosmetic products!:) and the 100% Pure Cabernet Grape nourishing body cream - a nice summer scent great for autumn too!:)

I hope you've enjoyed this new skin care product review and hope to see you soon here again!:)


Monday, 14 October 2013

British Autumn At The Park

Hi guys,

I was yesterday (on Sunday:)) at our local park and tried out two of my latest clothes or as I'm callin' them "fashion pieces":) by Tchibo!

They are from the latest clothes collection "hello,Style - British Chic" and contain the top shades of autumn/fall 2013!: bordeaux/dark wine red, dark classic green and navy blue in combination with lots of brown pieces too.

Here are the clothes/fashion pieces I've:

(Photo Credits: Eduscho/Tchibo AT - I Don't Own Them!)

From left to right:

*Women Oxford Blouse 17.95€, *Slim-Jeans red/bordeaux 29.95€, *Shirt Blouse dark green 14.95€

This limited "British Chic" collection will be available in each (AT/DE, PL, CZ etc.) Tchibo/Eduscho shop until the begin of November!

And here you can finally see me at our local park:):
"All you need is to grab your fav' autumn comfy jacket or parka as I like to wear and some bordeaux/dark red slim jeans as my by Tchibo and your fav' ankle boots (mine are from Clarks) and DON'T forget a beret hat!:)"

"2. Rule: Be Different!:)"

"No matter - whether you're in Camden, Oxford, Maynsfield Park, in one of London's small parks or just in your fav' one - Feel fresh and breath through the sweet and colorful autumn!:)"

The magic of colorful and bright leaves and trees are shinin' through the autumn light

Park view:

My makeup is keep really simple and natural and my hair are fresh washed and got some + waves BUT the most of them are my own (how lucky I'm:)):

Fresh apples are growin' in the park, let us see - whether they are sweet or to sour to eat:)!

Oh the lovely ducks (one of my first "zoom" shoots EVER with the new Canon cam' baby:)!):

Wish you a lovely start into a new week!


Sunday, 13 October 2013


Hi guys,

I've worked soooo heavy this week, that I've forgotten and not really had such a (good quality) time to make more posts this week - SOOOORY!:) But I've though to show you my fav' autumn/fall/harvest style/outfit - call it like you wan' it! - But I call it my "Country Harvest OOTD":)!:

The background is in front of my mum's appartement!:) And it's great to make pic's there! Oh the colorful leaves are makin' such a wonderful harvest atmosphere. 

From top to bottom:

blouse - old h&m (Kids section - guys I know:) BUT it's one of my fav'!), Slim Jeans in bordeaux/red - Tchibo, Boots HERE - Clarks

My fav' song for this shoot and during the last week was "The Girl Of My Best Friend" by Elvis Presley:

Did you've got such a lovely sunny sunday as I've had?


Monday, 7 October 2013

MACY'S Thanksgiving Day Parade Story

Hi everyone:)!,

I'm a HUGE fan of different kind of parades and I would love to visit NY to see the MACY'S Thanksgiving Day Parade too! It begans 89 years ago (1924) - when the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has started! 

Here you can see some pic's from the early 30s:

(Photo Credits: Pinterest, phoenixnewtimes, Disney - I don't own each of them!)

The amount, quality and hype behind the traditional and each year made parade grows up with the years!

The 40's:

(Photo Credits: Pinterest, Disney, nation.time, cntraveler - I don't own each of them!)

When I've searched on the internet about the story behind I've found something really interesting:

It's the 2nd oldest Thanksgiving parade along with the America's Thanksgiving Parade (Detroit) in the whole US! It always starts at 9:00 a.m in N.Y. and the first Macy's department store employees in the holly 20s where first-generation immigrants! Proud of their new American heritage, they wanted to celebrate the United States parade of Thanksgiving with the type of festival their parents had loved in Europe. 1924 Employees and professional entertainers marched from 145th Street in Harlem to Macy's flagship store on 34th Street dressed in vibrant costumes.

The 50's:

The parade was suspended 1942–1944 during World War II, owing to the need for rubber and helium in the war effort. The parade resumed in 1945 using the route that it followed until 2008.It was featured in featured in the 1947 film, Miracle on 34th Street, which included footage of the 1946 festivities.(via Wikipedia)

The 60's:

"The balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade come in three varieties. The first and oldest is the novelty balloon class, consisting of smaller balloons, some of which fit on the heads of the performers. The second, and most famous, is the full-size balloon class, primarily consisting of licensed pop-culture characters. The third and most recent is the "Blue Sky Gallery," in which the works of contemporary artists are transformed into full-size balloons." (via Wikipedia)

The 70's:

Bart Simpson balloon figure (1991):

During the 90s there - where a LOT of special performances, musical acts too! It's the century of my childhood and I've had enough lovely memories!:) You maybe remember the chaotic but nice dog Beethoven, Scooby Doo ("where are you"?:)) and Pillsbury Dough man? - Oh well and the M&Ms or the pink Engergizer bunny/rabbit by - these are all figures, which almost all 90s children should know!:)

Macy's Santa Clause changed his sleigh and clothes not dramatical BUT goes with the lifestyle of each decade/century!:

(Photo Credits: nydaily news,rhythmofmymind, cntraveler,modernkiddo, americanhistory - I don't own each of them!)

The christmas movie "Miracle on 34th Street" (1947) - was played on the road and includes a short scene of the original Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!:

(Photo Credits: misadventuresofmoppet,black-and-white-movies, hollywood,internationalcinemareview,thelarsenfilmreview, thefineartdiner  - I don't own each of them!)

Patti LaBelle "Wouldn't It Be Beautiful" (1990):

Shania Twain "Any Man Of Mine" (1995):

 Chicago The Musical Broadway (1997):

BBVD "I Want To Be Like You/Jungle Book" (1999):

The early 2000s:

Hilary Duff "So Yesterday" (2003):

Grinch (2006):

John Stamos "Bye Bye Birdie" (2009):

How To Succeed Broadway Musical "Brotherhood of Man" (2011):

It's a great and awesome new experience and exciting moment to enjoy one of the famous Macys Thanksgiving/Christmas parades as the 87th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade of 2013 will soon start!:) Where more than 8.000 participants - Macy's employees, their families, celebrities, athletes, clowns and different dance groups spread their own holiday charm and cheer! The 2-mile route is each year full of viewers/visitors each age and features America's best marching bands, lovely and magical floats and the well known and one of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade main points: the giant helium character balloons! 
The route:
Don't waist your time and visit Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in N.Y. on  11.28.2013! It begins at the 77th Street & Central Park West at 9a.m. Continues to the Columbus Circle and veers south onto 6th Avenue (also great to see from the 59th to 38th street!) You may know, that the view is highly stopped and limited from the 6th Avenue between 34th-38th street by the national television broadcast. The parade makes its final and stops at the in front of Macy's Herald Square! (via Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade)

I hope you've enjoyed and found it a bit interesting as I think it is really well worth seeing! 

Wish you a lovely afternoon/night/mornin' - this depends on where you are currently staying:)!