Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tchibo: Cozy Autumn Livingroom Ideas

Hi guys:),

the autumn is finally here (and I've some post about my summer vacation and other summer beauty finds to show you after this post - oh:)). To be honest, I'm not really a lover of autumn - as it's almost ALWAYS rainin', cold and grey! - nice shade leaves, which are fallen from the trees and the great red windy sky is just a "utopic" dream here where I'm currently staying:) 

But I do LOVE to visit some cozy coffee shops for a nice cup of chai latte or like in NY the pumpkin latte (HMMMM:)) and to try to bake a typical Pumpkin Pie too (as you know I'm an US culture lover:)!) and to prepare myself for maybe the next months to create my life in the way - which I wanna to be and live! So LOTS of confusing things at the moment and I'm not really prepared for winter or christmas eather BUT I do loooove snow - white parks with sparklin' ice stars on my coat..... WAIT it's just the start of Autumn!

And my post should show you some nice ideas - how to create a cozy and (pre-) autumn flair into your own livingroom with just some nice decorations or a new furniture too!

(Photo Credit: Tchibo AT,  Baar-Baarenfels PR)

The side table is great for the entrance of your livingroom or for your floor too! - It creates you more space and place for lovely decorations like: autumn leaves, your fav' autumn scent candles and books or some lovely chillin' music CD's or your IPAD station!:) (Prize: 149€ - here)

 (Photo Credit: Tchibo AT,  Baar-Baarenfels PR)

This 4-candle-holder is perfect for each season! As you can change the decoration inside the metal wreath e.g.: For Autumn - nuts, leaves and other natural materials, For Christmas - small colorful glass ornaments, bows or garlands! and for Halloween - some small pumpkins, leaves and little spiders:)! (Prize: from 19.95€ - here)

(Photo Credit: Tchibo AT,  Baar-Baarenfels PR)

What about this really cute owl pillow for your couch or bed decoration? - It will match grey-/white-/natural shade textiles perfectly! Give it a try:) (Prize: 12.95€ - here)

(Photo Credit: Tchibo AT,  Baar-Baarenfels PR)

Candles are the girls best friend? - Not always BUT during special occasions or season, we all love scented candles or?:) - Here you get 20 tea lights in the scents: Cranberry-Orange and Coffee-Vanilla (Prize: 4.95€ - here)

(Photo Credit: Tchibo AT,  Baar-Baarenfels PR)

This cute squirrel couple is ready to take place on your dining table or couch table too!:) (Prize: 6.95€ - here)

(Photo Credit: Tchibo AT,  Baar-Baarenfels PR)

And last but not least here you see a full-furnished living room scene by Tchibo - isn't it comfy and a mixture between Cornwall and Hampton style with a better price range?:) (Prize Chair with stool: 399€, Tower drawer: 179€, Highflor Carpet: 79.95€, Plaid: 16.95€, Wreath: 7.95€, 2 glass hand latern pack: 17.95€ - here)

I'm more a white furniture type BUT for autumn it's great to have other styles and decoration ideas to let myself inspire to create my own look with some ideas from different home brands too!:)

If you're interested in buying some product of this autumn collection - please feel free to visit Tchibo online:


For Coffee visit:


I wish you all a wonderful autumn beginnin' and see you hopefully here again soon - I've a full head of great inspirations and ideas:)!


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