Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunshine 29: Majorca Part 3

Hi guys,

what a lovely cozy and chill Sunday!:) I've watched some vintage (80s, 90s) movies yesterday night and of course I'll make some posts about my fav' autumn movies/halloween movies/80s and 90s movies!

I've just recognized, that today is the LAST post of my  "Sunshine" 30-days post tag- oh I'm sorry, that I've not match it until the end of August as it's already the 15th of September and almost Autumn! But we returned from our vacation  on 9th September and since than I've had worked on my vacation/holiday photos, prepared my shopping haul for this place and for youtube as well! and cut my vacation videos! - And that's a LOT of work! - But it makes each day different and lovely too:)!

You can read my first "Sunshine" post - HERE

Let me now continue to my 3rd part of my Majorca Vacation post - my beach/pool swimwear 2013:

1. My Pink Frill Bikini* by Marie Meili was ABSOLUTELY comfortable and cute to wear on Playa de Palma!

(Photo Credits: Marie Meili)

2. The Alexandra Body Suit* (Je Suis by Rachel Pappo) was INDIVIDUALLY and an Eyecatcher on the beach as well on the hotel pool area!

3. The white flower-frill bikini* by Je Suis was perfect for my light toned skin as it gives me a kind of color before I've got finally my own light golden tan from the lovely balearic sun!:)

4. The white linen/cotton dress from El Arenal (which I've seen the first day we've arrived and bought it finally the second day - as I've been afraid they would sell it fast:)) is made in Italy (not a Spanish product:() but I've fall in love with this light simple, natural but vintage styled dress!

5. Here you see my day to day freetime looks - just need some cute shorts and a great t-shirt and I'm ready to go Mister!:)

My fav' Mickey Mouse shirt from H&M with my cute neon pink light shorts from ZARA:

5 different "Shorts-Outfits" - Pretty and comfy to wear everywhere!:):

1.ZARA neon pink shorts, ZARA neon pink sneakers, H&M white t-shirt with cute bow/"butterfly" sleeves
2.ZARA neon pink sneakers, H&M high waist jeans shorts, ZARA light rose linen T-Shirt, H&M Tunic/Shirt
3.Chucks, H&M high waist jeans shorts, LA inspired t-shirt from Porto Pi Majorca (I think it was Kodigo - or another sports fashion store!)
4.Chucks, H&M high waist shorts and H&M Mickey Mouse oversized shirt
5.ZARA sandals, H&M high waist shorts dark jeans, H&M white t-shirt with cute bow/"butterfly"sleeves

I've made a LOT more fashion pic's of myself wearing my latest clothes too! But the quality of the photos failed:( I try to make another one and maybe a small vid' for youtube too! - To show you two new looks I'm able to create with the fashion stuff I've bought in Majorca for fall and next summer!:)

I hope you've liked a bit my "Sunshine" post tags and wish you a great start into a brand new and exciting week!


(* the marked clothes are PR-Samples -BIG THANK'S to Je Suis by Rachel Pappo Marie Meili Hop Lun!)

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