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Sunshine 28: The big sunscreen review


the last two months I've tried out and tested out different sunscreen products from different brands (weather high-end or drugstore ones!) and also tried out sunoils and other sun protection for lips and hair!

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Now the summer here in Europe is totally ending:( BUT I've made finally the decision about the whole products, which I've tested FULLY out and want to show you this products. To inform you, which one you should definitely try out at your next vacation trip to a warm/hot country or which one you can use if you've not a sensitive skin or your skin is pretty satisfied with every cream and last but not least about which one I was pretty angry!

Firs of all I've tried out a brand new sunscreen brand called "Sol de Janeiro", which is from Brasil and I've got the chance to try out some products of them! (Oh I'm sooo lucky as a blogger!:)) and this Posto Protect Starfruit Sunscreen Face Lotion FPS 60 is special made for your face, neck and decollete with a FPS/SPF/LSF of 60! 

As the company self says:

"It will protects you face against UVA/UVB/IR rays that cause sunburn, cell damage, dryness, roughness and premature signs of aging such as fine lines."

The Carambola scent is really there  - fresh, fruity and the white milky light texture blends so fast and perfectly on your facial skin without leaving a greasy feeling or marks! I just LOVE this facial sunscreen/protection and will return to this one each time - as it's the best for the face, which I've EVER TRIED OUT!

The next product is from Lavera and in the past I've once written about this cream. It's a facial sunscreen too but just with an FPS/SPF/LSF of 15! It's called Sun Sensitiv Anti Age Sun Screen SPF 15 and it contains Zinc Oxide (which is pretty good!) but it leaves a light white coat even if you're using just a really small amount and if you would like to apply it twice or even more - you must always wash your face of the first coat before you'll apply - as it could not fix perfectly!

But I wouldn't say that this mineral based sunprotection isn't good at all! I'm just using it instead for my face for my hands even if I'm a longer time outside at the hot sun or during a beach day - to avoid the anti age process at my hands - and we all know, hands are getting older faster than your face!:)

The next products are After Sun body/facial treatments:

1. Sol de Janeiro - After Beach, After Bath & Beyond Body Butter:

This "Golden Cacau Moisturizing Body Butter has a formula, which moisturize and makes your skin really soft. After I've tried it out the first day in Majorca after my first beach day I've seen that it also works well to get a longer tan! It also helps your irritated or damaged skin to recover and to calm the skin - a great body butter for a better/easy slep after a long hot day at the beach!:) And as it's 100% natural without any parabens or other bad chemical stuff (all Sol de Janeiro products are 100% natural!:)) it's a good way how to pamper your body with natural Golden Cacau! - I just love it:)!

Oh and for all who don't like the scent of Cacao (body butters) like from other brands like The Body Shop as the scent is really heavy there - this Sol de Janeiro After Beach Golden Cacau Body Butter has a extremly light scent of cacau it's more milky so perfect for all of you - who don't like the scent too! And great for sensitive skin tones.

2. Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik - After Sun Lotion:

This perfect moisturizing After Sun Lotion with 100% natural ingredients from the well known and popular Dr. Hauschka has a middle-orange color with a milky but very light texture, which helps to apply it smooth, clean and it also really calm your irritated and itchy skin after a sun bath! As it contains carrot extracts (now you know, why it's orange:)) and extracts from rose hip, which creates the moisturizing effect as well as the Pyrus Cydonia Seed Extract and Sweet Almond Oil. Calendula and kidney-vetch calm down your skin and shea butter, almond oil and of course rose wax will intensively care your body/facial skin and help to get the needed moisture and help to beware a longer tan too!

I'm absolutely in LOVE with this After Sun Lotion as it contains such healthy and natural ingredients, that I'm using it more as a After Sun Face Lotion/Cream - as I'm of the oppinion, that since I've used it the whole vacation in Majorca just on my face - the blemishes and other irritated parts of my facial skin are away!:) It's a great After Sun for sensitive skin tones as well for children - Thumbs up!

3. Lavera Naturkosmetik Sun Sensitiv Apres Sun Milk (small sample):

This natural Apres Sun Milk with extracts from organic Aloe Vera and Shea Butter calms and cool down your skin perfectly - I've used this small sample for my face too:) - It doesn't irritates my sensitiv facial skin parts and it's a great texture with a refreshing feelin' after using it! I would recommend this lotion as it's organic and the quality is pretty good!

This Apres Sun Lotion with Shimmer effects by Lavera contains also organic Aloe Vera extracts but instead of the shea butter - organic Almond Oil (which I prefer more than Shea Butter - as the scent is quiet better:)) and small shimmery particles/dots - which are seen after you open the tub BUT after you've applyed it on your skin it's a REALLY light not well-visible shimmer effect. This Lotion really moisture and care your skin and calm it too BUT the nice shimmer effect isn't really visible:( That's why I've got the interest to try it out and now as the effect doesn't really blow up my mind, I'm of the opinion that this isn't the right Lotion for you if you're searching for another version of After Sun with a special effect but if you're just using it for your daily Apres Sun care - just try it out! I'll not re-buy it as the effect isn't really there!

Body Oils aren't really my topic (as I've really light tone skin normally - it doesn't contain my needed SPF/LSF!) but I've got the interest this year to try out three:

1. Sol de Janeiro Posto Tan Brazil Nut Sun Protection Oil Spray  FPS 15:

This non-greasy and not too oily Body Sun Oil texture hit my heart!:) It contains also a FPS/ SPF/LSF of 15 - which is pretty high for a Sun Oil! The Natural Essential Brazil Nut Oils will allow to create a beautiful tan on your own skin and to avoid irritate or damaged skin - 'cause Brazil Nuts hydrates and  helps prevent dry skin! The scent is luxury and pamper your mind too - I just love the whole Sol de Janeiro product palette - as they really makes lovely products and I wonder why? I've not tried out their products yet!:)

Sol de Janeiro says about their Sun Oil:

"Natural Vegetable oils moisturize, provide moisture-retention skin softening, cleansing, nourishment, protection and stimulation.  

Natural Castanha do Brasil Oils have high levels of antioxidants which help fend off free radicals which damage the skin and lead to premature aging. Also contains a high concentration of Selenium which helps prevent dryness and leaves the skin soft, smooth and hydrated. They also provides a very warm, sensual fragrance that soothes and calms."

2. NIVEA Sun Deep Tanning Oil Spray:

This one isn't greasy too BUT the feeling on my skin wasn't also the best - maybe I've really to sensitive skin for the parabens! But the scent is quiet okay even if it's not a fresh natural beachy scent! And the FPS/SPF/LSF of 6 is REALLY low for me!

The included UVA/UVB protection system provides protection against sunburn and premature skin ageing. Water resistant for sure!

It contains nourishing jojoba oil, which leaves your skin smooth, moisturized and prevents skin peeling - allows the tan to last longer!

I would recommend this Tanning Oil JUST for you, if you're a middle-/dark skin type or if you're used to be a beach native from kid age! For sensitive or light skin types a NO-GO!

3. Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil:

This Tanning Oil by Hawaiian Tropic is the first product, which I DON'T LIKE at all! It's sad, as I looove Hawaiian Tropic Products and use them since I was a kid BUT this ZERO/0 SPF/LSF/FPS Tanning Oil is first of all just for darker skin tones or for someone who doesn't burn easily! It's also a bit greasy and the scent isn't my fav' one (a bit to strong for a tanning oil!) and the only thing I could say it really nourish and makes your skin soft - but that's all for me! - Sorry HT:(

What Hawaiian Tropic says about their Dark Tanning Oil:

A rare blend of nature’s rich tanning oils
Formulated with exotic moisturizing ingredients
Contains skin conditioners , Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E, Classic Coconut fragrance

The NIVEA Sun Deep Tanning Oil and the Hawaiian Tropic Deeop Tanning Oil have almost the same color just the Hawaiian Tropic Oil texture is a bit thicker/richer!:

The last three products from my whole sunprotection/sun screen product review are:

1. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Moisturizing Lotion:

This light turquoise/blue gel After Sun Lotion moisturize your skin with a mixture of vitamine E, Aloe Vera calms your irritate skin and Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter which gives your skin the needed moisture and smoothness! I'm a fan of this gel textured After Sun since quiet a long time (I think almost 3 years now!) the scent is fresh and not too heavy and the applying is really simple without any grease!

A great drugstore brand is Hawaiian Tropic since many years and I'm sure not only I'm amazed about the quality of their products (just the Deep Tanning Oil is a fail for myself!:))

2. Sol de Janeiro Posto Protect Green Mango Hair / Scalp Protector / Conditioner with SPF Protection:

A great how to pamper and do a rich hair care during your vacation or beach day, out at the pool etc. is to use this Scalp Protector Hair Conditioner with SPF inside! It contains natural Mango Verde extracts, which has a high level of antioxidants which help fend off free radicals which damage the hair. The Brasil Nut also contains a high concentration of Selenium - this will allows your hair to get the needed shine, softness and silkiness back!

As we all don't want dry and damaged hair and split ends after a long beach day, sun bath or high chlor-pool water splash it's a great way how to care and pamper it with this Hair Conditioner! The scent is lovely fruity like Mangos and I just can repeat that Sol de Janeiro products hit my whole heart! - The winner of all I would say!:)

3. Sol de Janeiro Posto Protect Starfruit Sunscreen Body Lotion FPS 30:

Again another product from the house Sol de Janeiro and the last one in my review is the Starfruit Sunscreen Body Lotion with a FPS/SPF/LSF of 30! It has the same Carambola scent like the Facial Sun Lotion mentioned above and melts really easily and smooth into your skin without leaven lines or grease! It hydrates your skin during your sun bath and will create an extra smoothness on your skin! 

What says Sol de Janeiro about their Sunscreen with FPS/SPF/LSF 30:

"Golden Algae from the waters of Ilha Grande and Brown Algae from the North Atlantic protect against the photo-damage, moisturize, and also work as an excellent anti-cellular stress.  

Pink Tourmalines and Zinc Oxide provide a broad range of UVA, UVB and Infra-Red protection. 

Cafe Verde , Açai, Cupuaçu, Castanha do Brazil provide antioxidant compounds, taspines and other naturally-occurring phyto elements to nourish and protect the skin and diminish signs of aging.  

Natural Olive emulsifiers provide a soft, silky feel. Essential Oils from the Carambola Fruit provide a very soft, sweet fragrance that soothes and refreshes."

Which sunscreen/sun protection products you've used this summer, which are your fav' ones and which one will you definitely try out too from my range?

Wish you all a lovely afternoon!


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