Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sunshine 26: Back from Majorca/El Arenal

Hi guys:),

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack:) with LOTS of memories, photos (sure for you too!) and some short vid's! Oh and a LOT of clothes, two pair of shoes, some drugstore products and a new fav' scent:)

I've just enjoyed the full 11 day vacation trip to Majorca - rather to El Arenal (Playa de Palma was 10 min. away from our hotel - which was a bit annoying!)


We've booked a 3-Star Hotel called "Alea Hotel" in Arenal, which is not a luxury or pampering hotel at all BUT it was fully renovated so the rooms where quiet a bit small, clean and the bath was maybe the most of the time used by myself (as it's typical for me:)).

Bathroom View:

The food wasn't a "WOW" or "FANTASTIC" experience as they didn't changed the food plan for the second week - so each week you can expect a really similar or same buffet (which is quit boring for someone like us - who visit the same place for 11 days!) But the vegetables, fruits where always fresh and the breakfast was also well assorted - Cornflakes in 3 or 4 different style, Danone yoghurts, marmelades and jams, honey, butter, dried dates, apricots and plums, different cookies, muffins and also ham things like: sausages, salami or also eggs and I think french toast too.

As I DON'T eat meat it was just quiet difficult to find something at the evening (and as we've booked a half-board without dinner/lunch) - so I've grabed always a good portion of fresh cut tomatoes, some salad (which where always there in 2 or 3 different styles), some corn, fresh cut cucumber and also warm carrots, green cabage or bean sprouts and fresh watermelons too:) 

So I've found the position of this hotel was perfect for someone as I'm - who don't wan't to listen all day long some really loud Ballermann music - as it was quiet and there were also not a "Mini" or children evening disco/show - so REALLY great for me after a long trip to Palma or a day at the sunny beach:)!


Of course I've went also with my mum for a drink at Playa de Palma to Hamburgueseria Fenix or we've visit together also Smöoy Frozen Yoghurt in Palma too!:) And I must say, that my combination with fresh cut oranges and pineapple as soooo Delicious!

Where you've been this summer/pre-autumn 2013? Love to hear it from you!


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