Monday, 23 September 2013

Pumpkin Spice Carrot Soup (RECIPE)

Hi guys,

I'd like to show you an easy and simple recipe, how to use your (pumpkin) spice and to create from simple fresh carrots a lovely spicy and perfect fall/autumn soup!

What you'll need:

5-8 fresh carrots (depends on how thick they are:)!), 1 pinch of sea salt, 1-2 teaspoon of Herbaria "Kürbiskönig" pumpkin spice or another one like: mcCormick, 1 slicer (be careful - I've cut myself twice:() oh and of course 1 small pot. - The two tomatoes where just on the wrong place:) - I've eaten them while I was preparing the soup - I was SO HUNGRY:).

By the way Herbaria "Kürbiskönig" pumpkin spice contains:

 coco*, common salt*,  garlic*, ginger*, curcuma*, paprika/sweet pepper*, cinnamon*, cumin*, coriander*, cardamom*, black pepper*, vanilla and cayenne pepper* - (*organical grown ingredients) and some fresh or dry thyme for garnish!

It's great for all kinds of pumpkin meals, soups and stews but it match perfectly with zucchini, carotts and root vegetable! - So it was really great to use it for my soup:)

The tin contains 90 g of this special pumpkin spice and it's a stackable tin with flavor protection. Stackable means, that if you've more spices from their brand Herbaria you'll be able to stack them on each other!

But back to my "Pumpkin Spice Carrot Soup" recipe:

What you've to do?:

1. Put the fresh cut carrots in your small/tiny pot:), add all spices (without thyme!) and ad 2-3 glass/small cups of water. Put it on your cooktop/hot plate and let it cook. (on the highest point!)

2. After you've let it boil for 7-10 min. turn the heat down (half the heat) and let it simmer under the lid until all carrots are soft and easy to bruise/mash them in tiny pieces!

3. Fill it in small glass bowls like I've done or in your fav' bowl/plate and sprinkle a dash of thyme over the whole soupe! - Bon Appetite!:)

I've let me inspired by this recipe "Carrot Ginger Soup" and "Roasted Carrot&Tomato Soup".

How did you find my first result? - Would you like to try it out too?

Wish you a wonderful great new monday & a new start!



  1. This looks amazing, I'm definitely trying this out!


    1. Yeah:) Thanks! Oh just be sure to add enough water (otherwise you'll get a great carrot mash BUT not soup:)) and you'll see it's a delicious simple easy peasy harvest soup!:)

      Wish you a great week!

      NIKA B.