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New Fashion In - MAJORCA

Hi guys,

my last post about Majorca is finally here:( - and I'm sad as this means, that now I'll write more about autumn and other topics, which are definitely NOT about summer:( O.K. I'm also exciting for the next months, what will change, what I'll escape and reach and what will turn another way  - you know, don't be sad about Summer 2013 is gone! the next months will be  surely exciting too - we must just think POSITIVE!:)

Now let begin my post about my last fashion piece's I've bought in Porto Pi and Centre of Majorca!:

I've fall in love with their underwear and pajamas!:) REALLY totally embrassing and wonderful to see such lovely places - where to buy some sweet, natural or not too vibrant bras/briefs etc.!

Now I know, that some of you won't be excited and won't like such a brief as I've bought - BUT SORRY I can't leave them there! They were to cute to leave them with this ice cream cones:) (Prize: 6.99€)

There's their latest autumn collection 2013 vid'.

2. Sfera - a spanish clothes brand, which sells at El Corte Ingles or in their own Sfera shops:

I bought myself a middle-thick sweater/long shirt with lovely details on the back (two buttons and the elbow decor) from the basic time! collection by sfera, which definitely looks better as on the picture here (as I'm still using my old cam or IPAD2:() but it's definitely a high-quality product, as it doesn't look like a cheap one BUT it was really a low price for such a quality!:) (12.99€)

Than I saw this really cute golden necklace with a paper aeroplane/paper plane charm (3.00€) - it will still reminds me on this Summer 2013 and hopefully be a lucky charm!:)

Here I'm wearing it at home - it's great and suits perfectly with the autumn outfit too!:

Sfera reminds me a bit like the "little" sis' of ZARA - as the clothes range and style is really similar and the price range is similar too (you get basics for e.g. 7.99 but also chic/designer for 70€ up!)

3. ZARA Haul:

As ZARA is a spanish clothes brand/fashion brand - it's a LOT better to do your shopping their! As the prices are lower and you'll get on a SALE day a discount for some products up to 80%!

I've found myself a lovely cream white (wool) shirt (Original Price: 39.95€, Spain Original Price: 29.95€ - Reduced Price: 7.99€) - which is a bit thicker than normal t-shirts and perfect for colder days too! and a great pink middle-long skirt (Original Price: 39.95€, Spain Original: 29.95€ - Reduced Price: 12.99€) (my first middle-long one - unless I'm wearing more mini-shorts and skirts not really:)):

4. Stradivarius:

This modern/dynamic fashion brand was too on my "Shopping List" to Majorca! But I must say, the shoes they sell are good in quality and they've a bright range of cool t-shirt, sweater basics BUT the other part isn't really my choice/taste! - But it is a great opportunity, while you stay in Majorca or in Spain to visit one of their shops!

I've bought myself a short coral/peach top for 4.95€ and these lovely ballerina shoes for 17.95€! They are really cute and not bad in quality - what I mean is they looks definitely not cheap on your feet!:) 

Watch their latest making of magazine collection vid' called "In The Forest".

5. SIX Jewelry/Accessoires:

When I've finally broken my fav' sunglasses BEFORE we've took the plane to Majorca, I've flew away without any glasses - and after JUST two days out at the sun I've began to search for some glasses - which is pretty hard in late August/September!:) So I was lucky to find such gorgeous sunglasses for a really low price (12.95€) in the centre of Palma at SIX.

They are from their "Vintage Collection" range and I've totally fall in love with the thin metal body and the semi/medium-dark glasses! I just love them - as you can see below:):

6. When we were walking through the old part of Palma their were a LOT of old small boutiques and one of them has special sale - where I've ultimatively bought this pink/bright neon light pink shirt with lovely details for JUST 4.99€! and it's made in Italy:)

Also from Polinesia (Porto Pi Palma) I've got this oversized (Size: SMALL) pink/neon shirt with the sign "Welcome to Los Angeles Venice Beach USA" - this is an ULTIMATIVE SUMMER HAPPY MOOD SHIRT!:) for 4.99€.

(Left: Right: pink/bright neon light pink shirt from Italy)

7. Ulanka Shoes:

We've searched with my mum for some shoes too:)! (of course, as Italy and Spain has REALLY high-quality shoes for summer and winter! the soles and fabric is high-quality and the price is lower than in other european countries I would say!) And so we went through different shops until we found Ulanka and lucky we've got a SALE day!:) Oh I've fall in love with this leather natural wedge sandals (from SISSEI) and they costs original almost 49€ and after SALE JUST 9.99€!

8. Playa de Palma cotton dress store (Made in Italy) I've bought myself this white/cotton dress the second day after I've fall in love the first day we've arrived!:) And it's totally cozy and lovely to wear as it's light, not transparent and has cute details!

Me wearing it under the old huge tree in the middle of one market in Palma:):

So that's my whole clothes/shoe/accessoire haul from Majorca!:) I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend and let me know, which of this pieces you would like to wear too!:)


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