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Majorca Part 4: What I've bought

Hi guys,

as I've ALL the time something to do, BUT won't reduce the time spending on one of my loveliest places (of course my blog and our all space:)!) I've finally made some pic's about my haul, which I've made in Majorca!
First I've seen this cute (child) mug from the Zara Home Kids collection with safari/african animals like: Lion, Zebra, Elephant  or Giraffe in a lovely vintage optic/look! - I totally fall in love and it was SOOOO CHEAP! (3.99€)

The second "first love" was this scent and the flacon/bottle of this child cologne/eau de toilette called "Sweet Perfume Eau de Cologne" . It's a nice luxury/vintage packaging and great for us young ladies and of course middle-age adult too! A not tooo light but soft and middle-strong scent - I would say it's for little girls tooo much but for my age just right sometimes:)! (Scent: citrus, flower, sweet like Vanilla and Tonka Bean) (100ml 12.99€)

And than I've got last but not least a cute and pretty vintage look small cosmetic bag  with cute little puppy (from mommy:) - thank's!) also from the ZARA Home Kids collection and it's made in Britain (Brand: Catseye) I can't wait to use it for short trips or just as my daily needed beauty case:)! (14 x 20 x 7 cm 12.99€)

2. Carrefour & Mercadona (Supermarkets):

As I'm a HUGE tea lover and like to try out different new and unknown brands and flavours in different countries - where I'm just travelling through or stay for a while I've bought on my vacation in Majorca 3 different teas, which I've NOT tried out until I've seen them there! 1. Pompadour "Te Rojo" (similar to Teekanne) it's red tea with pineapple and coconut flavour - really fruity and I quite like it - unless I DON'T like or love to drink red teas as they have their typical scent and flavour which I'm not a fan of BUT this one is pretty delicious!:)

2. Hacendado is the brand name of Mercadona's tea range - a cheaper version of other brand name teas BUT I must say, this cold tea versions (you use cold water instead of hot!) are the best I've ever tried out until yet! - As they don't contain any kind of sugar (and I don't like sugar in my teas as sugar isn't just unhealthy in big amount but it makes each tea really similar in flavour/scent!), agave syrup, stevia etc. and also don't any preservatives! I've bout the version "Green Tea with pineapple and coconut" and "Rooibos Tea with carrots and mandarine/tangerine".

3. Le Petite Marseillais is a french cosmetic brand for bath care (shower gels, body lotion etc.) and you can find their products almost in each supermarket, shopping centres like El Corte Ingles or well sorted drugstores/perfumeries in Majorca! I've found that the shower gel "Peach & Nectarine" smells really fresh and fruity and it's great for a happy mood during the cold fall/autumn 2013 too!:)

At Mercadona I've found their own makeup range looks pretty too! - They've such a huge collection of different makeup products and especially their lipsticks are well-colored and pigmented! I've bought and tried out their MATE lipstick in shade:12 - it's a matte (as the name says:)) not shimmery/glimmery lipstick, which last until 4 hours. That's not a long time but for the price of 4.99€ it's an absolutely recommended product as it's like the texture of some NYX or MAC lipsticks! You can find a further preview by this blogger!


4. El Corte Ingles:

This big shopping area is similar too: Harrod's (UK) or Blooming Dales (NY)! - It contains/sells differnt high-end and luxury brands like e.g. handbags: Long Champ, Tod's, Bric's etc. BUT of course a normal supermarket, and cheaper brands oh and a Sephora perfumery is inside the shopping area too!

I've found this GAL glycerine hand soap is a pretty dupe to shea butter hand soap from L'Occitane! I know, it's not shea butter but the bottle design is really similar and the quality is pretty the same!

5. Douglas:

I've been searching to try out J&J's baby cologne for a while, as it's great after sport, work or bath to take a small amount of it and massage it into your neck or on differnt parts of your body - it will stay a longer time as you maybe though! Great fresh scent (I've just bought the travel version:()

I've also found that after I've got a nice light tan on my pale/light skin, that my feet need a bit color too! So I went to one of the local perfumeries on Playa de Palma and bought myself a nail polish bottle from Astor (the Fashion Studio Collection) in the shade: 240 Yellow Buttercup.

After we've been browsing through different small cozy streets in Palma we've found just in a corner in the center a great middle-size high-end and drugstore brand perfumery called Xarig Perfumeries (a great review HERE) where I've bought from the brand RARE Nails a cuticle Oil, which has a strong citrus and fresh scent but I quiet like it to use in evening/during my home spa pampering. And I've bought from a spanish brand called "By The FACE Make Up" a lovely jeans shimmery blue shade: 34. This color is great for Autum too!

RARE Nails is a new nail polish brand and I think it's a really luxury and high-end packaging, for a really good price (4.99€).

There I've bought an Alvarez Gomez Madrid Aqua Colonia Concentrada travel set too! - And must say the classic fresh citrus, herbal scent from this well-known classic spanish cologne company since 1899! is now one of my fav' for summer and pre-fall! This set is great for beginners/tourists who wanna try out some good longterm spanish body care/cologne! It's also really good in price - I've paid just 2.50€! 

At the Palma Aeropuerto (airport:)) I've bought myself a Soja Fresa Frappuccion at Starbucks, and went to one of their cafeterias there (I'm sorry I forgot the name - BUT here's a full list of some cafes and stops at Palma) - where I've bought myself a small Nestle CRUNCH chocolate bar (pretty expensive for 2.50€ a small ca. 50g!) And the Calvin Klein "Euphoria edp" I've got as a sample at Douglas:)

Another typical (food) product, which you should definitely try and buy in Spain is their own sea salt range! I've bought a natural/plain fleur de sal from SOSO, they've also the flavours: mediterranean-herb, rosa, saffron, spicy, sweet and tuna. They are all made in Spain (Murcia). But they also offer Hawaiian Black Salt, Classic Sea Salts, and Chef's Select ones.

And last but not least I've bough myself for autumn a lovely "Cacao Soluble"/"Breakfast Chocolate" from
El Barco Delice Chocolatery since 1905, which is also a product of Spain!:
It contains:
Sugar, cocoa powder, Salt, Cinnamon and vanilla aroma

I think, that I've done a LOT "food/other stuff as fashion" shopping and hope you'll return to see my fashion haul soon!


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