Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Autumn Purple Light (ALVERDE Makeup)

Hi guys,

recently I've got a chance to try out some of the latest/newest Alverde Organic/Natural makeup products (4-eyeshadow palette, concealer and mono-eyeshadow) and here's my makeup review & idea/look:

All products closed & open:


My first impression was "A great green/organic packaging and great pigmentation!" BUT unfortunately my second impression after trying out was "Oh the Concealer is quiet good, not the best one I've ever tried out but for an organic makeup pretty lasts long and a high pigmentation - great shade (Caramel) for middle skin tone or for light skin tone after sun bath/summer too!"

But both Eyeshadows fail in lasting! - As after a 7 or 8 hour work day your shades aren't on the right place like before you're making them fresh and they are loosing in brightness and high pigmentation! I also must say, that every eyeshadow from the palette and the mono one aren't waterproof! That makes it really hard to wear during fall/autumn as if it's rainin' and you're outside - it can happen, that it will ruin your look a bit earlier:( 

But the concealer last a bit longer:)! It's a great product I would say for each of you - who like natural/organic makeup alternatives and the eyeshadows aren't too bad but not the best one, for a weekend makeup style it's enough BUT not for an high-end eye makeup result!

Also the packaging of the Quattro-Eyeshadow isn't the best one as you can see above - there are tiny but seen able openings/holes - which cut the life period of the eyeshadows! (as the air/dewiness can come in!).

So here's my makeup idea/inspiration:

I hope you like it a bit and let me know, which experience you've with Alverde or other natural/organic makeup brands?


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