Wednesday, 11 September 2013

4383 Days after 9/11

Hi guys,

it's almost 12 Years ago and 4383 days after 9/11. Maybe the MOST TRAGICAL moment for the WHOLE WORLD!

I was 8 years old and it's crazy how well I can remember the situtation - the one second when I saw the crash into the two towers of the World Trade Center on TV.  It's strange, I don't know, but I can REALLY remember that I've sat on the right sight of our couch table (or maybe it was the comfy armchair - no I think it was the couch table - but it's not the point guys:)) and we've got an old silver TV where I saw the whole situtation.
It was really scary but I wasn't able to imagine how big the whole thing was (why it happened, who were the people who could make such a bad thing!) and would be for us in the future and until now! As with 8 years you can't really recognize the big point - you know?. Ahm I also remember that my grandpa, who lives almost 50 years in Arizona called us from there - weather we've seen it on TV and that he's fine (sure it was in NY and not in Tucson:)) but we were calmed.

It's really crazy how I and MANY other non US-Natives and people all over the world can DEEP remember this one special tragical day - it's freakin' crazy, how good I remember it - it's like if I would turn back time when I was 8 years old each detail in our livingroom and each situtation in this few seconds I've saved/storached in my brain for the rest of my whole life!

Some years later and some school history lessons later (where we've learned about 9/11), I've learned that each moment in our own live could be destroyed in every second. To be happy about each day, to learn from new things eather they are negative or positiv. To be with people who makes you happy and who loves you like you do too!, don't waist time to explore different countries (as the two towers - which will NEVER be back - lucky who got the chance to see them in real as a tourist, native etc.!) and to let the future run!

For all people who lost someone on 9/11 - we will NEVER forget them! They will still stay in hearts and won't be forget!

The towers are a symbol for me of the high conflicts, which are still between different cultures. They should remember us, to stay in peace with each one of us, to respect each other, to let each meaning be spoken and right and to stay away from violence! As we live in such a fast growing and modern turning world - we should be peaceful with each other to create a happy and calm world! - I know, this will take a LOOOONG time and maybe it won't be ever real! but if each of us would try to tolerate/accept the other person and to listen to the next person and don't just accept your own meaning you will take a small part of it - and each small part together is a BIG change and turn into a happier and peaceful world climate!

I know, that some of you maybe aren't interest to read such posts on my blog or on other, BUT it's REALLY IMPORTANT for me as I'm a person, who respect other persons, who tolerates other meanings/opinions (sure maybe I've another one - but I DON'T like if someone just think and want to force someone to believe in his or her version!) and I'm always interested to learn something new about our world in form of: travelling, new cultures and to speak and make friends with different natives!

There are many ways how to become happy and a small part could be to try to make the whole world better with just TOLERANCE, SMILE, HAPPY & PEACEFUL MIND!


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