Sunday, 29 September 2013

100% PURE & MYSELF:)

Hi guys:),

this weekend I've worked, laughed a lot and - well NOT laugh and smiled a lot:) BUT escaped many different interesting things in newspapers, magazines, net and oh on tv - a cozy weeky-endy just to be true:)!

The lovely team of 100% Pure send me a nice package to try out some of their natural based (makeup) cosmetic products and I'm really proud to do that:)!:

And now as I've tried out one of my latest beauty/makeup escapes from 100% Pure (a natural cosmetic brand based and made in USA!) - their eyebrow gel in the shade "Taupe" is the BEST! for natural blonde/asblonde and light brown eyebrown-girls! like me:

To apply it on my eyebrows - I've just used one of my eyebrow brushes! Easy to apply, last ALL day long! and the natural ingredients makes the eyebrow makeup treasure even better!:).

And here's finally the result - well I need to trim and to practice my eyebrow routine BUT they look nicer with this product!:):

What did you think? - The 100% Pure eyebrow gel is available in 2 different shades for blond/light brown and brunette/darker eyebrows!

Visit 100% Pure and find your next (natural) makeup love:)!

I'll inform you about my 100% Pure Brightening Night Balm and  Bodylotion Samples the next days!

Hope you've got a lovely weekend too:) and wish you all the best for the next week!


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