Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sunshine 25: MAJORCA

Hi guys,

I just let you know with a quick and VERY:) short post - that I've already packed my luggage and beauty case for my Majorca Vacation 2013!:)

I'm finished with my packaging, a bit stressed (as I've ALWAYS try to control this negative emotion:)) and excited - what I'll do and expect there:)!

Oh here you can see some snapshooties of my lovely Samsonite American Tourister (shop & website) 4-wheel medium trolley (which was in the US already with me too:)!):

Today was a good day - as I've tried out some new fake-nails by Kiss, got a HUGE Labello lipbalm collection from the lovely Nivea/Beiersdorf team!:) - BIG THANKS! And as I've made some strange faces with my Rimmel by Kate No. 09 lipstick:)!:

They are REALLY thin and should protect your own nail and make them grow faster!:) - I'm pretty much excited whether it will be such a result like I would like to have (results will be posted after my sweet holidays:)).

Rimmel No. 09 by Kate - what else should I say it's a perfect day!:)

And last but not least the lovely Labello (HUGE BALM) surprise:

As it's always great to grap one of those old classic or latest flavor lip balms for the pre-autumn/late summer coldy time!:)

I hope you're all well and enjoy the last late-summer days. I'll promise to continue my regular almost daily posts/videos on youtube after my holiday/vacation on the beautiful island of Majorca!

Hope see you soon here again - and as I'm pretty sure, you've not read ALL posts, which I've written since my start of this little but lovely corner of beauty/life and memories oh and inspirations too:) - you could continue to read my past post until I'll came back!


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