Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sunshine 23: Fav' Summer 13 Nailpolishes

Hi guys:),

I've been a lot outside, workin', searching for last summer pieces, checkin' mails, telephoning, smelling 1st fresh baked butternut's, eatin' healthy food like carrots and and and and....:)

But! I've searched in my "Nailpolish Collection" and found some brand new too - and here's my fav' Summer 13 Nailpolish list:

It's NOT the "hugest" amount - they are exactly 6! But they are ALL pretty as I think and my Fav' Summer 13 Nailpolishes are a GREAT mixture of low-budget/drugstore/high-end nail products!

So, which colors I've been wearing a LOT this month of August and July/June too?:

Bright ones - like e.g.: Yellow/Pink/Neon-Pink/Pastel/Blue or "Blue'ish" shades of polishes - for my hands and for my feets too! (But usually I attend to use Pink, Nude or Clear polishes for my homemade Pedicures!).

Which shades and brands you've had and choose for your Summer 13 fav's?:

Mavala 180 Candy Floss (The Sunday Girl has made an AMAZING post about this shade!:)), flormar 423, Max Factor Glossfinity 30 Sugar Pink (my post), essence 140 go bold!, Sally Hansen 540 Frutti Petutie, Dior Vernis Gloss 118 Acapulco

I wish you ALL a great pamperin' Saturday:) and a lovely evening. 

It's great you've stopped here and read some lines - I'm glad for each of you - as YOU're much more worth as you maybe think!:)


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