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Sunshine 22: Corfu & Clarins

Hi guys:),

I'm really sorry, that I've not written the last days some short/middle-long/long posts:) BUT as I'm working/planing my holidays/vacation (YES I've already booked the flight and hotel for a month  now - BUT I'm planing - What I'll visit there, where I'll go and where I could show you some of my latest swimwear - at the beach of course:)) in Majorca. Oh and as it's soooo sunny and hot outside (which I TOTALLY loooove:)) I've become a bit obsessed with swimming!:)

But now to my 22th Sunshine, which should be about my latest travel-size/sample-size Clarins Sunscreens and about the little cute gift, which I've received from my sis' from her holidays in Greece (especially in Corfu - and she was in the mareblue aeolos Beach Resort)

I've got a Kum Quat Fortunella Margarita Marmelade (250g) - which was soooooo delicious (YES I've already eaten the whole glass fully out:)) - there are small Kum Quat fine cut pieces and it's JUST fruity, a BIT sweeter than other marmelades I've ever eaten - that's 'cause the Kumquats are normally a bit bitter so they add surely some sugar BUT it tastes absolutely fresh and like summer - a perfect spread for your summer vacation or hot mornings!

And a Original Greek Products "Olive Oil Soap KumQuat" - which I'm at the moment using for my daily hand wash (as I pretty much like to use hard soaps for my hand care routine!) It's a handmade and natural green shade soap with a lightly citrus/KumQuat scent and it's not tooo greasy BUT I would recommend a soap dish/plate - as this one is fully without any pesticides or other chemical stuff it gets a bit greasy on the back side after using! - Would really like to try out the other scents too!:

(Photo Credit: Corfu Spirits - I don't own it!)

Both products are made in Corfu by Corfu Spirit.

Here's a short vid' - how it looks like on a typical greek/corfu fresh citrus market:

And as well you've to protect your skin from the sunny beloved sun too!:) I've tested out some Clarins sunscreen/sunprotect products on myself the last month - and here's my short review:

It's a good sun protection for normal/dry/combination and oily skin tones and for sun-sensitive skin types too! My first impression was, the creamy a bit yellow/creamy shade and the scent is JUST a perfect mix between luxury lifestyle/summer vacation/freshness - I JUST LOOOOVE THIS SCENT!

I've a porcelain/light skin tone during the autumn/winter and spring  - so I need a high SPF/LSF usually BUT during July/August when my skin began to get a bit "colored":) 20 SPF/LSF wasn't really too low. Clarins also create a good formula for UVB/UVA - so this is probably my fav' of the whole Clarins sunprotection/sunscreens BECAUSE of the (my new beloved) scent and texture. And I didn't got any redness or alergic reactions! Well done and Thumb up!:) Bottle size: 200ml

It's sometimes quiet hard to find the best After-Sun especially if you've sensitive/light skin, which needs extra protection and calm down after a middle-long day out at the hot sun or just during a busy summer day (which is always include at your vacation - as you'll probably NOT miss any activites/atractions they offer in the country where you stay during your vacatin - Right?!) And so I've been a bit shy and worry about the gel-texture (as the milky/creamy texture is my fav') BUT it really cools and calms your skin pretty well!:) it also has a kind of summer/vacation and fresh scent - I would say it's pretty much the same like the beloved scent from Clarins Sun Care Cream Moderate Protection UVB/UVA 20 BUT lighter MUCH MUCH lighter - which could be stronger! It's a good lux'/pampering After Sun Treatment, which could BUT must not be in your summer care collection - as I'm sure there are much better one which are also much cheaper!

This one seems to be on the first sight the same like the above mentioned Clarins Creme Solaire Comfort UVB/UVA 20 BUT the scent isn't the same - it's light and not really my choice. And the formula is much more for people - who are already in the "Middle-Age Term":) or want especially an anti-aging formula in their sun screen/protection products! Which I would use now just for my body - BUT for my face it's at the moment a NO-GO!:) So I'm not really excited about this formula JUST the milky/creamy texture is pretty my choice and I really like the fast absorbing (which is by the way at all Clarins sunprotections include!:)) But I wouldn't buy a full-size product!

My winner is the Clarins Creme Solaire Comfort UVB/UVA 20 - maybe I'll try out the 50 in this range too as the scent and the formula/texture just win my beauty blogger heart!:)

So which are your sunscreen/protection "newbies" (that's how I call some new sunscreen products I've recently tried out and fell in love with:))? Let me know that in your lovely comments!


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