Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunshine 21: BIK BOK


I've recently check out the awesome BIK BOK fashion - and I swear I've found soooo many lovely pieces, that I've though to show you some of them on my "BIK BOK Wishlist":

(Photo Credit: BIK

BIK BOK's dress dream:
(Photo Credits: BIK
From Left to Right:

Sweet Denim, Giselle, Check, Montana, Owl Necklace, Flute Earrings

 BIK BOK's sweet weekend style:

From Left to Right:

Stripe Sweater, Willy Sweater, Ripp Side Shorts, Tie Shorts (Youtube Video), Amina Belt, Frilly Bikini Top

Did you've check out BIK BOK fashion too - as they offer soooo gorgeous fashion pieces, which have an incredible price!:)

Check out BIK BOK's Youtube Channel too!

It's a lovely fashion place - where you can find some magical things:)



  1. Oh i love these pieces too!
    especially the denim dress - amazing!

    xoxoxo elisa

    1. Oh I'm happy to hear, that you've found this post a bit quiet interesting!:)

      Have a wonderful next sunny week!

      NIKA B.