Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sunshine 18: Oh Sweet California

Hi guys,

as it's hot here in europe and the weather totally freaks out - I though to write something about one of my fav' countries and especially regions/state in the US - California Babe'!:)

I hope to visit this magical state soon and I swear I would love to visit ALL places there:)!

Laguna Beach sea, venice beach or santa monica - Cal' beaches are clean and lovely too:) I would like to jump right up and feel the sand on my feets!:) 

Favorite Song by Colbie Caillat ft. Common is a perfect beach song!;)

The cal' dessert is soooo colorful and bright during the spring - a lovely landscape where your mood calms down and you feel more relaxed!:)

Miss Atomic Bomb by The Killers is a great song and suits perfectly with Cal' (...."through the desert...":))

The Californian Kitchen is in fact healthy, as it contains a LOT of fresh ingredients like: fresh fruits/vegetables, whole flour and nuts - great for vegetarians or vegans too!:)

The local "The Farmers Market" is one of the sight seeing hotspots/points in LA - a great place to find organic local grown sweet potatoes or other healthy stuff & Marilyn Monroe has visit this holly place too!:):

Pasadena isn't JUST A CITY in LA - it's ninth-largest city there and it's great for sport fanatics too - as it's bounded by San Rafael Hills & San Gabriel Mountains. The Rose Bowl Stadium is a great place to enjoy a good american football match. Enjoy fresh local grown peaches and don't miss to stay (maybe just one night:)) in the luxury resort The Langham Huntington Pasadena Hotel - as it's one of the oldest one there (vintage atmosphere:))! It opened in February 1907 as the Hotel Wentworth, but closed its doors after its first season. It was purchased by Henry E. Huntington in 1911 and reopened in 1914 as The Huntington Hotel after redesign.

There are a LOT of old classic/vintage diners on many places in Cal' - but these 4 diners/street - side restaurants are one of the well known and old ones but rebuilt/renovated:

1. Rae's Restaurant - enjoy fresh pies in a 50s atmosphere
2. Ruby's Diner - a "Grease" feelin' there - 50s feeling pure with a lovey apply pie!
3. Pine Cone Diner - a lovely cottage atmosphere with yummy homemade pancakes for breakfast!
4. The Original Sambo's on the Beach - a 100% retro feeling - enjoy some lovely breakfast muffins.

What about a deep facial cleansing theraphy/spa feeling with some of the well-known and luxury treatments from Erno Laszlo - many female/male actors during the 50s also have seen the magical effects of Dr. Laszlo's beauty treatments.

You see California is really one of my fav' travel spots and I wound looove to visit this magical place soon!:)


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