Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunshine 17: Summer Pic's of my life

Hi guys,

this is a ultimative short post - I know!:) But I would like to show you some pic's of this week and of the last one too ( so the week before this week starts:)):

2.My messy bun and simple hot temperature look - using instead of a lip gloss/lipstick the Labello Pearly Shine   

3.Eating yummy yummy watermelon(s) - Oh I'm sorry, I've eaten not ONLY this half one - but further 1 and half - I'm just such a huge watermelon eater:)
4.Summer Vacation Childhood memorie - You see, I've my own head since I was a pretty little lady:)

5.Bought a bright neon Dior Vernis Gloss (shade: 118 Acapulco)  

6.Drinkin' a LOT of still water - this one is actually from Spar and the country of origin is: BELLA ITALIA:)

7.Used-up my beloved NIVEA stress protection deo' - JUST, that it contains alluminium doesn't really makes me happy! That could be removed and replaced by something more healthy!

8.Drinking "Freakin' Apple Joe" - It's soooo refreshing, believe me!:) 

9.My messy bun again just with a bright pink lip shade and morning glow:)

Oh if you would like to try out some new refreshing (still) water drinks for the next hot glowin' days - what about a "Freakin' Apple Joe" or "Peppermint Refresha" ?:

All you need for a "Freakin' Apple Joe" is:

Some cloudy apple juice, pure lemon juice, still water, ice cubes and some lemon slices for decoration!

All you've to do - just place 7-8 cute middle-sized ice cubes into your fav' glass, fill in a half of still water and some cloudy apple juice + some lemon juice!- "Freakin' Apple Joe" is ready to be tasted:)!

All you need for a "Peppermint Refresha" is:

1-2 natural/organic lemons (to make sure, that the crust isn't with any preservatives!), 1 Peppermint tea sachet  and a bottle of still water.

Put your peppermint tea sachet into the still water bottle and add the fresh squeezed lemon juice. Close the bottle and shake it well. Put the bottle into your fridge and leave it for maybe 4 hours. After you take it out of your fridge you'll see, that the water is infused and colored by the peppermint and the refreshing scent and taste of "Peppermint Refresha" is born!:)

My fav' song of this week was "Step" by Vampire Weekend.
What have you done this week and the week before? Did you've planed a vacation or have you been somewhere on a summer trip? - Just let me know that in your comments:)


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  1. ohhh, cool lime is awesome! so glad they brought it back again this summer :) the boyf and i brought home the largest watermelon the other day - i think it takes up half the fridge but man, are they ever delish. splendid assortment of pics Nika, looks like you're enjoying every summer offering there is yah! ♥