Friday, 9 August 2013

Eye Studio Big Eye Shadows by Maybelline

Hi guys:),

recently I've got a lovely mail by Maybelline to write about their new Eye Studio Big Eye Eyeshadows and so I've though to write about it - as I'm also interested in them!

(Photo Credits: Maybelline NY)

The combinations are perfect to create lots of different style with JUST one palette!:) And the 3D pigmentation of this eyeshadows will not create just a perfect bright eye makeup BUT also an optical bright-up of your eyes!:) 

3 Effects:

Eye Bright Up, optimal accent of the whole eye makeup look, luminous/bright irradiance of your eye makeup look

The new eye shadow technology isn't just a 3D color experience, the inteligent formula of each shadow will create a fresh and healthy looking eye look! That's possible, as the 4 shadows in each palette are working together in a harmony!

It's easy to apply BUT the result is brilliant and a real eye-chatcher!:)

How to apply:

Step 1 - the light/reflect basis (this formula contains white pearl components, which allows to reflect the natural light and your eyes will shine more!)

Step 2 - The 3D color play - apply the lightest shade (which has the pearl ingredients) on your eye lid, this will gives your eye the 3D shade and shape and will create a better end result of the whole eye makeup!

Step 3 - Shiny and intensive color - with the shade "Popshade" (which is included in each palette) you will create an accent on your inner eye lid - as this shade contains the most and the highest pigmentation (which makes 60%!)

Step 4 - The Shape: At the end you'll apply the darkest shade on your out/highest eye lid point. It's the "Chocolate at the top" to create the ultimative Big Eye makeup look!

How many Eye Studio Big Eye Shadows Palettes are available: 

You can choose from 4 Big Eye Shadows Palettes:

Big Eye Luminous Brown 01
Big Eye Luminous Turquoise 03
Big Eye Luminous Blue 04
Big Eye Luminous Purple 05

How much does such a palette will cost & where to get them?:

This Maybelline Eye Studio Big Eye Shadow Palettes will be available in your local drugstore/supermarket from EUR 11,49

I hope you've enjoyed this post and I would really like to know - whether you would be interested in a makeup tutorial with one of these palettes?


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